Monday, July 18, 2011

update and happenings

So many people love baby Audrey and Whitney

Baxter Girls

Lots of love for baby Audrey

Blasted, yummy, delightful treats

You know I had to put one of Cam and Aunt Nene

Proud mom and Grandmas

She is a pro!

Baby Buddies....Stef and I are holding hands, that is normal, right?

My new little buddy

Nate, Stef and baby Lincoln, minus my favorite Jordan

Boy time while I stayed back to host Audrey's shower and visit Lincoln! Thanks Colin

I am officially down 4.6 pounds this week....I can't believe it because I did have a few tasty treats last week. We have been celebrating the upcoming arrival of Audrey Lane Baxter and the ARRIVAL of Lincoln Scott Head....big weekend (with treats). Another observation from this weekend...bulldogs can swim. Sampson may have jumped into the pool last night chasing after his black lab cousin Charlie. All was well, Colin directed him to the steps, and he didn't sink! There is a picture above of Sampson, Colin, and Camden in Winchester. They went back to where Sampson was born and saw his Mom Bailey, Dad Tank, and brother Wilson. There was also a fresh litter of bulldog pups!

Hope you enjoyed the pix. Have a great week..go eat a treat (in moderation)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is for my girl Shannon PRICE, not Justice....I can't ever get it right friend. I used the Lose It app on my iphone and after my first week am down.....2.4! I am so proud of myself, I exercised three days last week (2 swimming, 1 training), and really watched my calories. I notice that I really don't want to eat bad things because I don't want to use my calories up. The accountability of plugging calories into my phone is key for me. I also have been drinking TONS of water....only have a sweet tea once or twice a week, and an occasional rootbeer. I feel so much better and can just see myself in the bridesmaids dress hanging in my closet, hopefully with a few alterations.

Get the Lose It app (once you eat a meal, it is saved in your phone and you don't have to plug it in again, you just select it from you foods)
Drink LOTS of water
Lots of fruit!
Exercise (also in the app...adds calories...really helped on the 4th of July)

My boy is awake...if I think of anymore I will post later...