Monday, February 22, 2010


So I have been processing Crazy Love over the past week. The one thought I can't get out of my head is that we are called to serve, love, and move each day for God. I am the type of person that likes to pray through or "wait" on God's direction. The book has taught me that God has given me this day, He created me and has a purpose every day. I don't have a break from being Jesus to people. I have an opportunity to be a light every where I go. I tend to sit back and think that only the big things he calls me to do matter. My mind is trying to wrap around this concept...each day is a gift that can be lived out for His glory. Mission trips, worship services, conferences.....those highs that we get are not the only time that God is working. He works through a smile going through the drive through, a hug when someone is sad, and just sitting and listening to what He has to say. God is everywhere, all the time, I am the one that is too busy to stop, listen, and learn so I can be used. My prayer is that I look at each day as an opportunity to love like he loved, lived like he lived, and move like he moved. I hope this makes sense??

On another sweet baby is 10 months old!!! In 8 short weeks he will be 1!!! I can't believe it. As you know I have already started planning the big event(s), two parties. He is so much fun these days. High fives, bye-byes, moma's, and he is into EVERYTHING! I can't wait to take him to the park and swing. I was hoping we would yesterday, but that little stinker took a doozy of a nap (I am not complaining). We will have plenty of time. Camden is such a sweet spirit, he is determined, and passionate (especially about food). The little guy loves to eat and he loves his friends. We are able to get out and about more and for longer these days. We enjoy our playdates, trips to the mall, and walks together. He and Sampson and bonding....Sam seems to really like his baby brother. The Stout house is fun these days and I feel so incredibly blessed to be a mom.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazy Love...finally finished

WOW! What a moving book...I mean it makes you want to get up and MOVE, change, live radically. I am praying that God will use my story, my life, my purpose He created me for His glory. (Nakada, I am getting spriritual again, I love ya). I am so small, yet God knows me and He has an unbelievable plan for Emily Stout. I am tired of sitting and waiting for God to reveal this plan to me....I am ready to GO! An opportunity has recently come up for me to serve at SCC during the weekend services. I am so excited to get plugged back into church and serve. I have missed that connection each week, I do have a good excuse called pregnancy, aka Camden. No more excuses.....God has blessed me so much and I am ready to live for Him....daily. I want to speak as if were my last words, serve as if it were my last chance to serve others. I want to become more like Christ and less like this place. I want to break away from the materialism and the wants to have bigger, better, and more. I want to be content with what we have (which is sooo much) and give back.

My prayer today after finishing this book was that I not fear the change or try to control what God is calling me to do in order to feel safe. I want to walk knowing that God is before me, He knows where we are going. Who wants to go with me????

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You must know who I am talking about...I am a new mom! Of course, it is Camden. He has developed such a personality over the last month. He is determined, dare-devil, and what people like to call "all boy." I am thinking that my hands will be full when this little guy starts walking. He is crawling around, through, on, in, ect everything. He is being told "no" quite a bit, and my friends reassure me that he will grasp this command and eventually stop laughing at me when I say it. He thinks it is funny. He loves to give you a highfive, tries to snap, and claps especially when Yo Gabba Gabba is on TV. He is talking more and more...when upset "mamamama"....and jabbers with some "babababababab". We are waiting on pins and needles for "dadadadada" Life is exciting here at the Stout house. One of my favorite things to do these days is peek into his room long after bedtime and see him sleeping. he has a cute new position; sleeping on his tummy with his butt in the air....LOVE IT! I tried to sneak a picture the other day. (he woke up).

Monday, February 15, 2010

From 13.2 to 3.2

I have been so thankful that my body has recovered after each long run, UNTIL last Sunday. I ran my six miles and after that run my hip and knees were really hurting. I did the heat, ice, meds and rested and a week later I was still in pain. I haven't run since that fateful day, and after seeking wise advice and "listening to my body" I have decided to continue to run for the Refuge but instead of 13.2 miles, I am going to run 3.2. To say I am disappointed is an understatement....I really wanted to run a mini. I just don't want to risk hurting myself just to say I ran a mini....I can still raise money running 3.2 miles....right? Pride....oh that pride. So, all this to say I am continuing to train, but with much fewer miles. I am excited that I will actually be at the finish line to take my friends pictures and hug them when they complete the race.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Remember that time I had a blog and I was dedicated to write and update you about the Stout Family life? Well, the blog thing is much easier when your wireless router works....we have been without internet for about a week. At first I hated it, I missed FB, blogs, and blogging...but then I realized I could live without the computer (I could check a few things on my phone, but couldn't blog). So that is my excuse and I am sticking to it. I am a little overwhelmed as to what I should post about because it has been so long.

Well our little man is just growing and growing. He is 21lbs (triple his birthweight) and busting out of his 12 month PJ's. He is SO much fun these days. "Talking," we get an occasional mamamama, and dadadadada. He mimicks everything we do, uh oh. Clapping, trying to snap, he loves to make noise, seems that he has discovered his little voice. He isn't too interested in toys, loves drawers, blinds, fireplace, and electrical sockets....we are child proofing, no worries. He also LOVES bathtime....he plays and plays and talks and talks, and rolls all around our big tub. He is very mobile, not a true crawl yet, but well on his way. He can sit up from a laying position (twice), and enjoys "standing" with mommy and daddy's help. He is an eating machine. We have gotten rid of all babyfood in this house. Camden prefers maple and brown sugar oatmeal, ravioli, vanilla wafers, bananas, apples, mandarin oranges, mini pancakes, ect. He would like to control the spoon, but we are definately not ready for that. He takes three naps a day....1-2 hours for the first two and a quick catnap around 4 or 5. Bath at 6:30 and bottle then bed. He wakes up around 7:30 or 8 each HAPPY! He has four teeth, two on top and two on the bottom, and do not put your finger in his mouth because he does know how to use them. Life here is so fun and I love my life with my boys.

I was hired to do the administrative duties for Concrete Coring from home and three weeks later we realized it was not a good fit. Colin didn't have "home" time, he would work here and at work. So we/he decided that he needed to hire a full-time office manager who would work at the OFFICE and free up home to be home! I was happy to work for him, but really didn't like that he didn't have a place to relax and get away from work. The new office manager starts Wednesday (PRAISE GOD), and we are hoping work life gets a little less stressful for my hubs.

I have been running and running and running in preparation for the mini in March. This has been such a cool experience for me. I really know I couldn't do it without prayer. I pray a whole lot during my runs. Like...."Lord, I don't think I can do this, only you can keep my feet moving" and He does. I am up to 6 miles....and that was rough. My hip and knee are a little sore today. Please pray that my body can handle these last months of training and that I can raise money and awareness for The Refuge for Women. (I will post on this amazing community soon and love for you to support me in the race). I am enjoying my days with baby Camden, and just love being a mom. Sometimes I look at Camden and feel so overwhelmed that God has entrusted ME with this little life, but then He reminds me that I am not alone....I have amazing family, friends, and HIM to guide me.

If I think of more news to post, I will do it. I am so sorry for being absent for so long. (and will post some pix too)