Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sampson (check out 10 week post below)

This the Sampson asking why the baby has to wake him up in the middle of night. I remind him that he still does that too!

This is the look I get from Sampson everytime I tell him the baby is staying!

Sampson is really adapting well to having a baby around the house. The one problem is he doesn't realize how big he is and in order to show affection he usually nudges you with his head or touches you with his massive paw (both bigger then the baby). He loves to snuggle with us when we are feeding the baby, he likes to lay on the rug in the nursery while we rock the baby, and he is still not too sure about why the baby cries. He is taking on the big brother role with pride. His favorite though has been his nightly walks with his family.....I don't know if he is afraid of the stroller or genuinely concerned about Camden, because he constantly turns and checks inside the stroller to make sure he is still there.

Monday, June 29, 2009

10 weeks....

after a busy day, we cooked out and Camden got to swing and take a quick snooze while we ate!

in camo like his daddy....and may have just a little something in his mouth, he's saving that for later :)

look at those baby blues....the only thing he got from mommy :)

I can't believe it has been 10 weeks! Seriously, two and a half months with my boy. Some of my favorite things that Camden does right now are:
*when he sneezes and he thinks that one more is coming and it doesn't he makes the cutest noise. I am trying so hard to capture it on video, but I have no idea when he will sneeze and when he does the camera is no where near me!
*He is really starting to look at us when we talk to him....interact a little bit, he will crack a smile and I LOVE IT!
*He is enjoying time in his swing, tummy time, and watching the fan
*He LOVES to fall asleep on our chests.....I think that he would prefer to sleep on his belly and when he sleeps on our chests he is tummy down.
*Speaking of tummy time, he was in his boppy the other night and turned himself over onto his back. We couldn't believe it (and haven't seen it since, but it was awesome).
*He has enjoyed spending time with some friends (Eli Jones and Jordan Head....he is missing his buddies Soph and Riley)

We are just loving this time with our sweet boy.....he is definately growing I don't know if I posted that he is 10 pounds 10 ounces and 23.5 inches long now. He is downing 5oz every three hours and sleeping 5-7 hours (depending on the night).

What a guy!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Melanie Mauer Photo Shoot

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Day....

After a day of resting up yesterday (see tummy time above), Camden is gearing up for a big day with the lovely ladies from TLS. He is also very excited about meeting his future girl Ainsley Reece Metze. This is the first time that they will be meeting. I promise to have pictures. Ains was born on December 22nd (my bday), and is absolutely adorable! I will post pix soon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

9 weeks!

playing around

Oh my goodness, love that sweet face

Well, our little guy is officially nine weeks. I can't believe it! Where has the time gone? I am still anxiously anticipating him to smile when I talk to him (he is smiling just not at anything or anyone in particular....mainly like his daddy when he passes gas). He has been out and about more and more over the last week. We went to chuch, a few cookouts, the mall, and tonight he is going to his first Who's in the House production (it's the VBS program our church puts on for the WHOLE family). He is cooing more and more, and I swear to you he is about to turn over. (he is one strong little guy).

We had his doctor's appointment yesterday. I must be honest, I get a little nervous when I go to the Dr with him. The last few times we have left with a glow in the dark blanket and a scheduled surgery at UK Children's Hospital! (they take such good care of us). We are happy to report that Camden now weighs 10 pounds, 10 ounces (24th percentile), and he is 23.5 inches long (66th percentile), he must get that from Uncle Mac....who knows? He is also startin to cry real tears. When he first cried nothing came out, but now he has full fledged tears to accompany that cute little birdy pirch of a lip.

The worst part of yesterday where the three injections that came at the end of the appointment. I really do believe it is harder on the parents at this time (not too sure when he is 2 or 3). He was just sitting on the table minding his own business and wabow, there came the first poke, then second, then third and the entire time my sweet boy was looking at me like, "What the crap mom?" Colin scooped him up (sporting his three flourecent bandaids) and handing him over to me where I held him and just let him cry, to the point of me getting teary eyed. We believe this is what is best for him and he has done really well up until now just running a low grade fever. (he loves his Tylenol Ali).

So all this to say....Happy 9 Weeks buddy, you are sooooooooooooooooooooo loved!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

My dad LOVES to grill, mow the grass, golf and most of all he loves his family!

The boys hanging out in the Man's Room

They are enjoying a hunting video....too cute

First of I am so thankful for my wonderful daddy. He is the BEST, and always has been and always will be (sorry babe). I have such great memories of my dad as a little girl....I was his little princess (I even had a nightgown that said that), I was obsessed with Black Beauty and he let me ride on his back and feed him pretend apples, I always ran to him when he got home from work and he always scooped me up for a big hug, and just recently when I was in the hospital, minutes after delivering baby Camden he ran to my room before sneaking a peak at the boy, because I am still his baby! Dad, you are the best and such a gift to me and my family. I love you.

Now, I also have this wonderful man that I used to only call husband, but now he is daddy too. He is the BEST dad to Camden and so very helpful. He is so in love with our son, and just can't wait to get him out hunting. Right now one of their favorite things to do is sit in the man's room (or sleep...see picture), and watch hunting videos. My husband loves to feed, change diapers, bathe, love, and pray over his little boy. I am so proud of him. So....Happy Father's Day babe....we did it!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You aren't posting about Camden???

(this is my trainer KJ....not really but he is pretty buff)

Nope, my goal is to not say anything about camden in this post (oops, already failed), that's okay he is awesome....I am going to tell you that since I have been cleared for normal activity from Dr. Butler, I have been back to the gym. One of my baby buddies husband's is a trainer, KJ. He has kicked my butt to the point of not being able to sit comfortably or walk well up the steps (or really anywhere). I am meeting with him one on one on Tuesday afternoons, with a group on Thursdays, and with his wife on Saturdays. Even through the pain, I find that I really like the time at the gym. I put my ipod on and work hard, knowing that the benefits of a healthy, svelt (sp), tone body are just around the corner. I can't wait to sport my cheerleader shorts and sports bra (soooo kidding, but you wouldn't believe the girls who do that, then they go smoke outside the gym door). Right now I am having a really hard time looking at myself in the mirror....especially while working out. You would think this self image thing would disappear as your aged, not so much. I am going to keep working hard and hope to get some great results. I am off to the gym right now to run intervals and do an ab workout....right now I am sporting a pony keg....six pack here I come!

thanks KJ (Nakada, you tell him he is awesome and I am so thankful)

PS. Did I mention Camden was awesome?

Monday, June 15, 2009

8 weeks....

My little 8 week old buddy...look at that sweet face

Had to show off another cute outfit....Old Navy has great sales and I LOVE THE JEANS!

Well, it has been an adventure and we are loving every minute of our little guys life. At 8 weeks we have been cooing more and more, he turns his head when, I had to remove the headrest in both the carseat and swing for my boys broad shoulders, his cheeks are getting chubby, and his belly hangs over the diaper (when does this become uncool, besides the diaper thing), he is beginnning to enjoy bath time, and still loves hanging out in his baby bjorn with daddy. We go back to the Dr next week for his first round of shots. We continue to get out of the house more and more....last Friday we adventured to Joe Beth with mom's sisters for lunch, and today we went up to The Club to pick up some shirts for Grandaddy's father's day gift. (don't worry g-daddy already knows, he picked them out).We are in the process of planning something really special for daddy's first father's day. All in all, we are loving life with this sweet little gift.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Guess who is still sleeping? (the dog, hahaha) Sweet baby Camden....guess how long, 10PM-3AM and he is still asleep right now, ummmm it's 8AM. Please tell me this is his new routine.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good News!

We got a call this morning from the surgeon at UK. They asked us six questions about our little guy. All answers were positive, he's eating, pooping, peeing, no fevers, wounds are healing up, and he is back to his normal activities (morning jog around the neighborhood :) Because of all the great answers the cancelled our appointment on Monday and released us. The nurse seemed pleased with how well he is doing and told us to keep sunscreen on the actual little puncture wounds for the next year, because they will get darker in the sun. Although I am sad we won't get to see his amazing Doctor (Dr. Polito, sp)....I am thrilled he is in the clear and back to normal. I can take a little spit up here and there.....not more hitting the slats of his crib and wall throwing up please!

So praise God for taking care of our little guy!

Last night we had a bit of a long night. Camden went down around 9 and at 1:00 the bulldog woke us up. Once we got the bulldog settled, Camden woke up (around 2:00). Once we got Camden settled, guess who woke up at 3:00.....a bulldog, and then at 4:00 Camden was upset (who wants to sleep in a wet diaper?). It was crazy and I was ready to call the breeder and send Sampson back to the farm. A little extreme, but don't mess with a woman who LOVES 8 hours of sleep and is starting on birth control and hormones are crazy!!! (TMI?) My mom came over around 645 to sit with Camden so I could go workout at Southland with KJ and the staff. Needless to say a nap is in order today! Looking forward to it, and I get to go have my haircut....I love it!

Right now, my little guy is swinging away and sleeping. He woke up at 9 to eat and feel right back asleep. We find that he is a little fussy from 7-9 in the evenings, I feel bad for Colin. That is his time with Camden, and the little guy is beat from his busy day with mommy, ready to eat, and ready to sleep. We have found that Camden enjoys walking around with Colin in the evenings in the baby bjorn...it's really cute, see the above picture.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7 weeks....

I had to put another picture in his awesome outfit! Love it...stylin' and profilin'
Sweet baby Camden is 7 weeks! We have been trucking along since his surgery. He is eating four ounces every three to four hours. We have established a night time routine where we walk, bath, feed, and in bed by 10. He sleeps from 10-3 and then 3-7/7:30. He is doing great! We go back to the surgeon next Monday....his little wounds are healed up, and we are looking forward to a fun bath time tomorrow night, no more sponge baths! He is starting to smile more and more and coo a little bit. Overall he is a very happy baby...tends to get fussy in the evenings and we just go on a walk. I love being a mom!!

We have also been out and about over that last week. We had our first restaurant adventure to Winchell's, airport to meet baby Jordan, and this Friday we are going out to lunch with my mom's sisters and one of my cousins. I LOVE getting out! It feels great. I have also started back to the gym with a trainer, and am really beginning to watch what I eat. I am hoping to lose some weight before the wedding. KJ (my trainer) is awesome and so very helpful....he is my baby buddy Nakada's husband.

Hope all is well and thanks for reading my blog.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Uncle Mac's Birthday

Well, my baby brother is turning 28! His birthday is technically tomorrow, but we had so much fun celebrating as a family last night, and Hunt you are considered family. We also went to church yesterday, so we are getting out more and more. Currently my little guy is still sound asleep ustairs (9-2AM and then 3-so far 7:15)...wow! Enjoy the pictures. Thanks mom and dad for hosting such a great meal!

Check out Camden's sweet threads from Laura...we have a hat that matches but it is a little big. (I love the shoes)

Colin, Mac, and Hunt (I know Colin's eyes are shut, but his looks better than the retake where he had his eyes way too wide open)

Dad preparing the chicken and pork...thanks daddy.

Uncle Mac took care of feeding our little man (it is so fun to watch Mac with his new nephew....he is smitten)

My mom and dad know how to prepare a feast...it was so yummy!

After a busy day of church and cooking out the boys relaxed on the couch and enjoyed their night cap.

Look what Colin did to Camden's hair! He calls it his 90210 Cool Kid Weave, I don't care for it.....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Desert Song

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My friend Jess said this song was written by a woman oing through infertility. a At the time she wasnt pregnant< but now she has a sweet baby.

Post in Pictures....

Look who came to visit!! (Love you girls)

We took the boy to our favorite restaurant....Winchell's! He was so excited.

We had to take a quick picture with our favorite friend Louann! She is the BEST!

We enjoyed Winchell's, Camden was very well behaved but mommy spilled tea all over Grandma....oops, sorry!

Above are some recent adventures the Stout's have taken....good times!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Melanie Mauer Photo Shoot

Melanie came by today to help us select our portraits. These pictures are from when Camden was a week old, and to see how much he has changed in just a short time is amazing. Enjoy the pictures....we sure do!

6 weeks!

This is Camden at the airport ready to welcome baby Jordan home!

Baby Camden is 6 weeks....I forgot to post a six week picture of our little guy. He has had a big week, we are starting to get out more and more. The Dr's recommend you don't take your baby out for 4-6 weeks and I am the rule follower. Sunday we went to Sophie and Riley's for a cook-out and Tuesday we went to the airport to meet baby Jordan. Tonight we are going to take Nana to Saul Good for dinner....yummy. I have told Cam all about the fondue. We are enjoying time with Nana....she has just been so great. She has cooked so many meals for us to freeze, talked my husband into letting me buy new pots and pans, and taking some of the night feedings. We have had so many great conversations and too many belly laughs to count. We love you Nana!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jordan Head is HERE!

Oops....operator error

Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis

my little boy has an IV

this is where we slept, me and colin, very cozy!


finally, we get to feed our sweet boy

ready to go home, happy to be cared for by such amazing people at UK

mommy and camden finally home and after along 2 days we snuggled

What's that you say.....that is the reason for my little guys spit up issues. I am sorry it has taken me so long to post about our crazy week and adventure to the University of Kentucky Children's Hospital, but honestly it took a lot out of us and I finally feel caught up on my sleep and less emotional about the whole situation. As you know Memorial Day weekend we started dealing with some serious spit up issues, which now I realize were more throw up issues. Our little guy continued to get worse and worse throughout the weekend (throwing up once a night Friday and Saturday, to two-three times after feedings, to after each feeding). Needless to say I had calls into the Pediatrician on Monday and Tuesday and they were so helpful. I told them he was spitting up because I didn't want to sound like psycho new mom, but I did tell them he was waking up and choking, hitting the back of his crib, ect. They gave me all kinds of suggestions, decrease the amount of formula, keep him upright 30-60 minutes after his feeding, we changed to Dr Brown's bottles because we thought he was taking in too much air....they said a sign that it was time to bring him in was if he stopped having wet and dirty diapers. This occured on Tuesday and at 9AM I was back on the phone with the pediatrician and had an appointment at 2PM.

The morning and afternoon were hard because my little guy was obviously not feeling well. I kept feeding him because he would cry and want food, but two seconds after he finished and I would go to burp him, he'd throw up. Thankfully my mom and dad were around to help me, and my mom actually went to the dr with me. Colin was meeting me there but was going to be late. My mom didnt want me to be alone because she thought he'd be admitted to help hydrate his little body. Colin and I really expected the Doctor to tell us Camden had reflux and to switch formulas. So, when the Dr (who was amazing and diagnosed Camden quickly and efficiently) send us over to have an ultrasound to check for Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis and possible surgery we were beyond shocked. What threw us for a loop is that the ultrasound tech confirmed the above diagnosis....here is what WEB MD says HPS is:

What is pyloric stenosis?
Pyloric stenosis is a condition in which a baby's pylorus gradually swells and thickens, which interferes with food entering the intestine. The pylorus is the connection between the stomach and the first part of the small intestine (duodenum).

Pyloric stenosis can occur any time between birth and 5 months of age. But it most commonly develops about 3 weeks after birth. If your baby was premature, symptoms may be delayed.

See a picture of pyloric stenosis.

What causes pyloric stenosis?
The exact cause of pyloric stenosis is not known. The condition likely develops for more than one reason. In some cases, pyloric stenosis may be passed down through families (inherited), or a baby may have the problem as part of another genetic condition. Antibiotics, such as erythromycin, given to a baby within the first 2 weeks of life may slightly increase his or her chances for developing pyloric stenosis. But it is very unlikely that taking antibiotics would by itself cause pyloric stenosis.

In the past, pyloric stenosis was considered a birth defect. Now there is some evidence that it develops after birth.

What are the symptoms?
Vomiting all or most of feedings is the main symptom of pyloric stenosis. Vomiting usually starts gradually, but as the pylorus becomes tighter over time, your baby's vomiting becomes more forceful (projectile vomiting). If your baby's vomit is yellow or green, it may suggest a more serious problem than pyloric stenosis.

A baby with pyloric stenosis acts irritable and hungry, even immediately after being fed. You also may notice that your baby has fewer wet diapers and fewer, harder stools. If the vomiting continues, your baby can become dehydrated.

How is pyloric stenosis diagnosed?
Your baby's doctor can diagnose pyloric stenosis by a physical examination and by reviewing your baby's symptoms. An upper gastrointestinal (UGI) series or an abdominal ultrasound can be used to diagnose the condition. Blood tests also may be done to see whether your baby is dehydrated.

How is it treated?
Pyloric stenosis is corrected by surgery. Almost all babies recover completely.

So, after our ultrasound we headed back to the pediatrician where he contacted UK Children's Hospital, specifically a surgeon who could help our little guy. At this point I am in tears, fighting back the face that my baby (5 weeks old) is going to possibly undergo surgery. We prayed on the way to UK that God would show up in a big way.....and He did! When we walked into the hospital the surgeon met us as we were being admitted. He told us about the surgery...he encouraged us that Camden would never remember this, but we would never forget it. He told us there was more of a risk for Camden driving to the hospital and that they perform 5-7 of these a week. The bad news was that our little guy would not be able to eat until after the surgery, which wouldn't be until the next morning. Our next prayer is that Cam would get a good nights sleep (obviously we wouldn't), which would be difficult because he wouldn't be eating. God answered our prayers and our little guy slept through the night....he woke up once and wanted to be held and we were all about some snuggle time. At that point all he had was an IV on his little arm (which broke my heart and resulted in tears by both mom and grandaddy).

I slept maybe two hours....I prayed, listened to my ipod, blogged, and tossed and turned (trying not to knock my husband off our couch we shared). I just prayed that God would take care of my sweet boy. During the night we had an awesome nurse (Andrea) and guy who took Cam's vitals (Hope). Such gifts to a mom and dad worried to death but trying to keep a smile on their faces.

The following morning as we walked to pre-op with our boy I was really struggling, I was about to hand over my tiny 8lb baby over to total strangers. THIS WAS THE HARDEST PART! After they took our tiny baby the nurses gave Colin and I some time to just cry and hold each other (tears are flowing yet again). He was in God's hands, He was going to be the one caring for our boy while he was out of our sight. We waited for about an hour and had family and friends surround us, we had prayers from all over the place, and we had faith that God was ultimately in control. We finally got a call that our little boy was out of surgery and all went well and was very successful and he was heading back to our room. Colin and I ran back up to the room where they wheeled our little bundle (all wrapped up in a huge warm blanket). I could get the crib rails down fast enough....I snatched my baby up and just held him and cried....so, so thankful that he was back in my arms and healthy.

That afternoon we had to get two consecutive feedings of formula down before we could go home. As the afternoon went on, I just became more and more exhausted. Colin and I held Camden and just started at all the wires coming off his little body. We kept thinking, is this really happening. Did our child really just have to have surgery (not a complicated procedure, but still a procedure done on our child). We were happy that all feedings were staying down successfully and it looked like we were going to get to go home after our 6 feeding. We were discharged from UK, and buckled into carseats, packed up walking out of our room and stopping to tell Heather thank you and Camden spit up....not a lot and totally typical during recovery from this surgery.....but it meant we had to turn around and do two more feedings before we could go home....HOME, where we really wanted to be. However, God provided a really cool conversation that never would have happened had we left at 6.

Remember Hope? He was our friend who checked Camden's vitals, well he came into our room around 9 and opened up about he and his wife trying to have a baby for the last 10 years. They had tried everything and their next step was in vitro and they just didn't know what to do. We were happy to introduce him to our in vitro miracle and he just lit up. He and Colin and a great conversation and it turns out he and his wife go to Dr. Akin......as he walked out the door he turned around and smiled....we saw hope in his eyes. He mentioned his wife is really struggling with not having baby and he couldn't wait to call her and tell her about the conversation. God is so big, so good, and always in control....what timing?

At 2AM the Stout's loaded up and headed home. We had one incident once home, a call to the surgeon and a quick run to Walgreen's for Pedialyte but a succussful surgery. A week later our boy is eating, pooping, and peeing like a champ. He is eating four ounces every three hours.....Praise God. Long Blog, sorry and thanks for reading if you made it this far. Love ya'll