Monday, September 27, 2010

Ahhhh-mazing Race

One of our favorite shows to watch together, and last night was one of the what I mean....

I know you probably watched it four more times. That looks so painful to me...know that she is ok and that she was laughing about it at the end of the show. OUCH! She didn't give up though. "She showed that knight who was boss....and hit him right in the kisser!"

I have gone back and forth about being able to really do the show. I hate flying, heights, water, and now watermelons. It would be such an opprtunity to grow, trust, and have an adventure. I do think I would be "that" girl on the show, that broke down because of some minute issue. So, for now, I will continue to watch from my comfy couch.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Running and Christmas Shopping

Surfing Elmo Rocker

Tickle Me Elmo Live

So I have been inspired to run 2-3 times a week in my neighborhood. I am only going to run between 1-2 miles and look forward to listening to music and just reflecting on my day during that time. I am really looking forward to next weeks fall temps and getting out there while it is cooler. I just like to have some down time all to myself with music. It gives me time to praise God, reflect, and just enjoy outside. I always thought I had to run for a for something. I thought I had to run 8-10 miles....but now I know I can run for fun. I am looking forward to it. You will notice the picture above of Colin and I after a training session with KJ. Well I challenged Colin to a training see who was stronger....and guess who won? My poor hubs didn't make it through the work out...SO, I won a pair of running/training shoes, I am hoping we get to pick them out this weekend.

While at work today I started Christmas shopping for Camden on Craigs List. I bought two Elmo items, Tickle Me Elmo Live and an Elmo's Surfing Rocker (pictured above). I got both items for $25. If I were to buy them new, $100. YEAH for budget savvy...right Leann? I am loving Craigs List these days...I should look and see if they sell running shoes, that might be kind of gross though.

Have a great weekend. World Equestrian Games begin this weekend and the weather should feel like fall!!! Yippeeee......

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I forgot to post this of Aunt Jen and baby Katelyn from Labor Day Weekend at the lake.

I have really been enjoying this Beth Moore study of Esther. It is really cool when you can see how stories in the bible still relate to our stories today. God really knew what He was doing when He breathed the word to life. Some of my favorite scriptures coming from the study are...

Romans 15:4
"Everything that was written in the past was written to teach us. The scriptures give us patience and encouragement so that we can have HOPE."

I love that whatever type of day I am having, I can turn to God's word and be encouraged. I am the type that uses the table of contents, but more the concordance in the back of my bible. If I have a specific feeling I look up scriptures that relate to that feeling. (maybe cheesy) OR I love to text my friends and ask them a scripture that they know relates to that feeling or circumstance. I have a little card full of my favorites. All of these words God has written give me HOPE!

Psalm 96:6
"God is great~He should be praised, He made everything"

Yesterday during my team meeting at church one of my friends painted a picture of how God created us. That He hadn't created anything, there were miles and miles and miles of dirt and until God molded and breathed into the dirt we were nothing. Even now, we can be walking around as dirt....and until we let God breathe in our lives, we are ultimately nothing. We are living, but not truely alive until we fill ourselves up with His word and live it out. As we live day to day and follow Him we are praising our creator.

God is good and God is for us. I am so thankful that as a wife, mom, and friend that first and foremost I am His child. As long as I focus on my relationship with Christ...everything else will fall into place.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Teacher to Mom

Nana bought us the Elmo costume (and bucket) for Halloween...cutest Elmo EVER!

So happy to reunite Cam and Posey (love ya Em)
Enjoying his first trip to Gattitown....
As a teacher I had made the call multiple times to tell parents that their sweet child had been sick and needed to be taken home. Yesterday was when I went from being teacher to mom. I got the call, you see I didn't make the call....I got the call (well really I missed it and Colin got the call and then he called me), you get the picture. It was a crazy day at work, seriously the phones were ringing off the hook, and I just missed my own cell phone ringing. When Colin called the church and I answered I was shocked to hear that Camden was a few buildings over from me at school puking....during snack. The snack which we brought in to share with friends....he puked it up, on the table that his friends were eating at. That is nasty! Thankfully, I had a great friend cover the front desk so I could run and get Camden out of school and home with Grandma (I still had two more hrs of work). He looked fine...totally different outfit (which I forgot to send clothes) and no shoes or guessed it, he puked in them. Nasty! Poor little buddy got home and slept two hours and then tried to eat lunch...didn't work....he puked. Thankfully around dinner he kept a few things down and was ready for bed by 6:00. He slept great and seems to have turned the corner very thankful. That being sick...puking thing isn't fun.

I personally like it when I was a teacher and made the calls. As a mom...I have to open that bag full of soiled clothes and wash that is nasty! Thankful my baby boy is better.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I haven't been able to sign onto my blog for three days. I have been so worried that I would never be able to share my thoughts with my thousands of followers....but don't worry my friends, I am back. I don't know what is going on with my poor little blog...the background has disappeared, the playlist is something totally different then what I selected. When I try to change the playlist, it says I don't have the right password, then I ask it to remind me of my password and I plug that in (in which they think my password is) and they still won't let me in. I am technologically challenged my friends. Lucky to post a picture....

This has been a very challenging few weeks for me and Colin. We have been getting settled into this beautiful home God has given us, loving on our sweet baby boy, and God has been stretching us mentally. He has been busy with so many different challenges, and it has been so cool to talk through what God is teaching me and Colin together. I am so excited to see how He moves and continues to move in our marriage. God is so good.

Camden loves to walk, eat, play, eat, water my flowers, eat, and sleep (believe it or not). He is an eater....did I mention he likes to eat? He is also loving school....especially all his new friends. We found out he was singing "The Wheels on the Bus" so now he is saying "sh! sh! sh!" (because the mommy's on the bus say that, and now I know why). He has so much to say, I just have no idea what he is so passionately telling me. He is affectionate, loves to blow kisses, give kisses, and lean in for a hug. I adore this little guy...he is so much fun.

He will be 17 months on September 21. I can't believe it! I look back at pictures of him and can't believe how tiny he was. He is so tall, and he has some wide (fat) feet. It is hard to find a shoe to fit those little piggies.

All in all, life is so much fun around our home. We are extremely blessed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Better late then Never.

Camden loves to drink "jus"
My boys


(half bath)
Laundry/Pantry (is it sick that I LOVE this room)

view from garage entry
Family Room (tv room)
Formal living and dining rooms
Entry hall

Guest bath...still need to get mirrors
Office/Hunting Room
Guest room....who is coming to stay with us?
Guest room

Master...Mac has promised to help hang the fan, and I am still undecided on where to place pix
Master bedroom
Patio, we start our days here, and Colin and I sit out here every night

The shed stores Cam's and Daddy's "toys"

Sampson and Camden LOVE their new backyard
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Here are the pix of our new home. We are so happy with where God has planted our family, we are planning on using this home for ministry as much as possible. We don't want to put so much into the stuff we have and more into people!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back in the Saddle

OK...I am starting to get back to a routine and less obssesive in unpacking and organizing. This is my favorite part though....I love finding the perfect spot for everything. It is just so invigorating to know that you have placed that vase or picture in the spot it was made for...well you know what I mean. All this to say is.....I am in the process of taking pix of the crib and my sweet baby boy (I owe you a ton). So....Tuesday morning that will be my job. I will continue to take pictures throughout the weekend and on Tuesday....all three of you (mama, papa, and nana Pam) will see some awsome pix. I love blogging and look forward to being more disciplined from now on. I am also starting a Beth Moore bible study through the book of Esther with some girls...I hope to write some thoughts on here. Anyway...spend the day at the lake with my awesome in-laws and now I am exhausted and ready to head to bed. Windows are open and I have my pumpkin spice and boonilla (boo-nilla...Thank you Yankee Candle for an awesome name) candles out! Welcome Fall....and way to go CATS!