Friday, February 27, 2009

What I should be doing vs what I am doing...

We had a half day at school today so we could get started on our narrative report cards. I enjoyed lunch with the girls at school and then came home to start on these narratives. It took me an hour to get started because my laptop letter "o" kept getting stuck. Then my ihome for my shuffle came in the mail and I wanted to listen to music. When I finally got started I was very grateful for the afternoon and knocked out three (usually 2 pages written with a story, language, and math assessment). I am planning on doing three more tomorrow, three Sunday and one Monday...then I will have revisions to do. I can do it! Jaci and I split up the reports which means we each write eleven, not bad.

I found out today that one of my friends that I lost touch with over the last ten years from high school woke up this morning and realized her husband had not made it through the night. I don't know many details, I do know that they have a little guy named Will, and Kate is devastated that God called her husband home so early. Please pray for the Riley family. My family was blessed by Todd's (Kate's husband) dad this past summer when he helpe organize my Nana's estate. My heart is broken for their family, and I don't know what to say, pray, or do.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great day

It's Wednesday! I am on the couch with my hubs watching the CATS play. I am procrastinating doing my narratives for midterm assessments....and blogging. At least I am writing something right?? I am looking forward to some quality time writing reports on Friday. Jaci and I are planning on hammering out a few since we have a half day. See I do have a plan....

I am not far from moving from the couch to the bed. I have heard from quite a few people that I may want to move to the couch in order to get a good nights sleep. I can't imagine not sleeping with Colin, I think I would rather roll in and out of bed then campout by myself downstairs on the couch.

Good day at school, it was a gorgeous day outside. I kept the kids out an extra 10 minutes so we could all enjoy the beautiful weather. Not much else going on. I have been in touch with Melanie Mauer (our photographer for the weekend) and we are hoping the rain/snow holds off and we can get our pictures Saturday.....keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

So, it is only Tuesday and my body is ready for the weekend! I am almost 30 weeks pregnant (praise God), working full-time (love my job), and not sleeping (boo). I am falling asleep around 9:30-10:00 each night and usually wake up with a really stuffy nose around 3 AM. I usually roll myself out of bed multiple times to go to the restroom and now I am adding trips to blow my nose so I can breathe. No big deal, this is part of the pregnancy, I hear my body is just getting me ready for when the little guy gets here. All of you know my LOVE for sleep....I had a hard time at school today and ended up home at 4 and took me a nice nap. I get to go to my boss' house tonight for a Fat Tuesday Feast....and I mean feast. Every month my boss and his wife host a party for 5-7 teachers, and this is my excited!

This past Sunday Colin and attended our childbirth class from 1-8, that may be the reason I am dragging this week. That is a long day, it was informational, but long. Please note I looked out the window during the video (I don't care to watch my own birth, why would I care to see someone else pop out their kid). We met some really great couples and one went into labor at the end of class. I keep waiting to hear if baby Quinn arrived!?!?! Tomorrow I have to start on my narrative report cards that I have been putting off for the last three weeks.

This weekend Colin and I are having our maternity pix taken by Melanie Mauer downtown. I have watched her work from afar for a few years, and am SO excited about actually getting to be in some of her beautiful photos. Have a great day friends.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

St. Louis Pix and 29 weeks!

29 11 weeks (or less) we will be holding baby Camden

This is me being a DIVA at 29 weeks

(This is Stephen my awesome cousin, and his awesomer girlfriend, Flo)

(This is my dad and one of my three boxer cousins, Memphis)

(this is the St. Louis Cardinal official store at Busch Stadium, I was so excited to pick up some treats for Nate and Stef.....and it was closed.)

(This is a picture of the St. Louis Arch, you couldn't pay me to go up in that)

(This is me next to Dan Musial, I think. He was safe) Sorry Cardinals fans.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here and There.....

Well, as you know I did pass the extensive test I had last Friday and I am continuing to nibble on a few chocolates and have cut back on cokes (maybe 2 a week as a treat). I am so excited that I don't have to prick my finger four times a day to test my sugar.....I would rather go have blood drawn then stick my finger with that stapler thingy they use.

This past weekend my mom, dad, and I went to visit the west Baxter's in St. Louis. We had an AMAZING trip. We ate at Maggiono's on Friday night around 8:30 (9:30 LEX time), and ended up getting home around midnight because of our great conversation and amount of belly laughs. I slept great that night and awoke early Saturday morning for a tour around the city and a trip to The City Museum. If you are planning a trip to St. Louis you MUST go to The City Museum and take a walk around Forrest Park. It is such a beautiful park with soooo much to do. I was sad it was cold and we couldn't really enjoy by walking (plus I am in my third trimester). I was a trooper at the museum exploring three flights, and eventually heading home for a quick nap. On Saturday my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin cooked an amazing meal for us. They were such great hosts and I really enjoyed spending the weekend with family. My cousin's girlfriend was with us (who is almost family, I consider her family already), and her mom, who was hilarious. We drank Fresca while everyone else enjoyed a few cocktails. Sunday we started home around noon and arrive back in LEX around 7. Needless to say I was beat and ready for bed.

I was so happy to have some time with Colin before falling asleep at 8:30! Monday was our first baby class at St. Joe East. It was entitled Baby Steps and we LOVED it. It was very informative. We talked about everything from what to expect in the hospital to how to bathe and swaddle your baby. We need to work on the diaper changing thing because at one point Colin had our little doll on his head (oops). We also met a pediatrician from a local office her in Lex and we are going to an orientation at their office in a few weeks.

Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks. Officially in my third trimester. I am starting to go to the Dr every 2 weeks, and will soon be going every week. I can't believe I will be holding my son so soon. Showers are coming up, the nursery is looking good, and my belly is definately growing. Full days exhaust me, but I love my kids and the kisses and love they give baby camden. So, that is what we have been up to. I am sorry I am not blogging as often, but this work thing keeps me busy. I assume when the baby comes I will be lucky to post once a month :)


Monday, February 16, 2009

False Alarm

Good news to share before we are off to our first baby class at St. Joe East tonight. My screening on Thursday was false because I PASSED the three hour test on Friday, no gestational diabetes for me! Thanks for your prayers and encouragament. I promise to write about my trip to St. Louis and such soon. We are in class tonight from 6-9:30, so I will be going straight to bed when we get home!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well I failed my glucose test this morning. I was shooting for under 140 and managed to overachieve with a 169. I am scheduled for a 3 hour glucose screening tomorrow morning. My sweet nurse Jennafer assured me that this mornings was just a screening and many women have to go through the three hour test in order to be clear from gestational diabetes. I will begin fasting at midnight tonight and go to the lab at 8:30 tomorrow morning. I will have initial bloodwork and then drink some more awesome juice and then more bloodwork on the hour for the next three hours. The good news is, Komona who works in the lab is a champ and ALWAYS gets my blood pain free so I am not too concerned. The bad news is, I have had this test before and know how crappy you feel durin the last hour. If I do have gestational diabetes it is diet controled (maybe I will get into the bridesmaids dress), and if serious with medication. I am so thankful that I am off school this week and can do this first thing in the morning and not have to take another half day from school (that I don't have). Plus, after my test Mom, Dad, and I are off to St. Louis for the weekend!

I have to be honest, I do feel as if I am not being a good mom with this potential diagnosis. Have I eaten poorly, should I have steered clear from those cokes? Who knows? Just a little down, maybe the pregnancy hormones! So thankful that this little guy IS 28 weeks today and he sounded great today. Strong, Strong heartbeat. He is taking more of my iron so I have to start on some Iron tomorrow (well Saturday since I will be fasting tomorrow). Anyway, not great news for mom, but baby is plugging along! Thanks for praying. I won't know the results of my test until Monday, so I promise to keep you posted. I probaby will be off here until Sunday or Monday so everyone have a great weekend.



What's that you ask? Well, it is this delicious drink that I have sitting in front of me right now. (drink) I have it on ice and approximately 5 minutes to get this whole thing down. (drink) So, I decided to blog so I have something else to do besides stare and drink. (I just took down a big gulp). 2 minutes left....when I finish this amazing flat orange crush (drink) I will go to the Dr and they will be able to tell if I have gestational diabetes (1 minute...drink, burp, and done!). That wasn't too bad, just heavy on the old stomach, especially without my morning water and eggs. I am starving. I will have to leave you hanging for the moment because I have to finish getting ready and then head to the Dr. 15 minutes prior to my appointment and let them know, I have drank the juice. Pray that my number is under 140. If I do have gestational diabetes there are different levels of treatment, diet, exercise, and sometimes insulin shots. (whoo hooo more shots!). By the way I am also getting a shot today because of my blood type. Love my baby! Seriously, I do and I would do it ALL over again for him. I will keep you posted......
PS I am 28 weeks pregnant today! I will post a picture of this belly.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Movies, Muchies, and Massages

Well last night was a BLAST with my girls Jess and Swill. We met at Panera and just got to catch up on what has been going on in our lives and eat some really good food. (PS the Medditeranean Veggie and Tomato Soup is to die for). I have missed seeing these girls on a regular basis (we used to meet every Friday morning at Chick Fil-A), but love that we can pick up where we left off each time we meet. We also got to go and see a movie together, and yes I did have me a big box of raisenettes (they are good for you....minus the chocolate). Hey, I used to not eat raisens or mustard because of what a friend told me in third grade. She said raisens give you cavities and mustard dries up your blood. I haven't looked into the truth of those, but so far my blood is still running (proof in my daily nosebleeds), and I have only had one cavity. (little off the subject). The movie was great....good laughs and good times with the girls.

Today I am meeting Jaci for lunch at Dudley Square and my prenatal massage Mac and Whitney gave me for my birthday. I am so looking forward to it, my lower back has been sore over the past few weeks and poor Colin is over rubbing my back, he will get the night off tonight.

I heard from my nurse friend that works with Dr. Butler (baby Dr) and she said we need to pray for my blood sugar to be below 140 tomorrow for my glucose test. I have noticed that my wedding rings are a wee bit tight, not enough to take them off, but I am thinking aboug going by Macy's to buy me some bling. I will keep you guys posted.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mid-Winter Break....

I love my job, we are off this whole week for mid-winter break. This is where many of my sweet kids go to their lodges in Utah and Colorado to ski or to an exotic beach location to have some fun in the sun. This is a week where Mrs. Stout gets to sleep in, write narrative report cards, and do some fun things that I don't normally get to do. For example, I got to spend most of the day yesterday running around with my mom. We had coffee together, shopped for dresses for Mac's wedding, ate lunch, and just had some really good conversations. Love ya mom!

Today I am going to visit my friend Nakada's sweet little twins, Sophie and Riley then off to dinner and a movie with Swilly and Jess tonight. What a great day!! Tomorrow I am going out to lunch with Jaci (my partner in crime at TLS) and then relaxing through a pre-natal massage.....that sounds awful!! Thursday is dad and daughter day! I am going to catch a movie with my dad since my husband hates the movies. Friday-Sunday I am off to St. Louis to visit the family! Lot's of exclamation points, lot's of excitement, lot's of fun!!!

This Thursday, I will also be 28weeks pregnant. I have my glucose appointment, where they check for gestational diatbetes. I also have some rare bloodtype where I get to have two more awesome shots, one Thursday and one after delievery. Totally worth it! My little man, Camden is a busy body. I am hoping that he doesn't bust through my stomach, he is a strong little guy and at times I feel he may just bust through and announce his presence.

No pix today, but promise to add some after my many adventures this week.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


(This is me at 26 weeks, on our balcony looking over the gardens in Opryland)

(me and the hubs after our yummy dinner at Jack Daniels, enjoying the lush gardens)

(this is Colin at 26 weeks....after some wings)

(this is me at 26 weeks.....I still have 14 to go...uh oh!)

(snuggled up on the patio that overlooked the lush gardens.....gearing up for our couples massage the next day)

(we were very excited to arrive at Opryland on Friday and find out they knocked $100 off of our room because of the ice storm in KY. However, we accidently spent that on our breakfast in was yummy!)

(just enjoying each other and the new camera. It's difficult to take pictures when you are on a trip by yourselves...we felt bad asking people every five minutes to take our picture.)

(Us getting ready to eat an AWESOME meal at Stock Yards, one of the best steaks ever!)

(toasting to baby Camden, babymoon's, and an awesome marriage, don't worry mine is root beer!)

My sweet husband planned a trip for us this weekend in Nashville, TN. We went to Opryland on Friday and just got back today. I will explain our amazing trip in pictures. I am so lucky to have married my best friend. We talked through so many things and just enjoyed each others company.