Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dr's Appointment

Hey Friends,
Just wanted to update everyone on my appointment with Dr B yesterday. He said that my blood pressure was looking good, and that I needed to continue to rest. I go back tomorrow morning to monitor sweet baby Camden, and recheck BP.....but I'm thinking Dr's orders are going to be to continue resting. I read a devotional yesterday about being happy with wherever God has you right now, to appreciate the moment. I am learning that this is a gift, this pregnancy, every movement is a miracle that God has given me. This time is precious and for 9 months I have been given the honor of carrying this child, God's child. I have been given the honor to be his mother. I just pray that I can continue to relish every moment, sometimes are easier than others. Tomorrow Dr. B. is going to let me know about work for the next four weeks. Thanks for praying for the Stout Family, we love ya.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Interesting start to spring break...

First off, I am so thankful for this week off and am so happy to be home able to spend time with friends and family. My break started off very different then what I had planned. I went in on Thursday for a regular Dr's appointment for me and baby Camden. I knew things were going south when they had to take my blood pressure four times and the only time it went down was when I laid on my left side for ten minutes. Dr. B was not happy with my BP, iron levels, and slight swelling. He told me I needed to come back in on Monday to re-check all of the above. Friday, I woke up so happy that it was our last day before Spring Break, the kids have been great and there is nothing like walking out of work knowing you have a nice long break ahead of you. However, around lunch I started feeling wierd, clumsy, awkward....I can't explain it. One of my friends encouraged me to go have Nurse Kristin (our school nurse) take my BP, it was high. She told me she wanted me to go home that she didn't feel comfortable with me at school. On my way home I put a call in to the dr and they got me right in. My mom took me because Colin was finishing up some things at work. I really didn't think anything of the appointment, just that they were monitoring both me and the baby. After 30 minutes on the monitor and reassurance that Camden was doing great, Dr Butler decided to admit me to the hospital in order to observe me. He felt like I was either pre-eclamptic or dealing with pregnancy induced hyper-tension. Colin met up with me as Dr. Butler was finishing up with the "plan" and I am so thankful because he knew what questions to ask. So there we were....at the hospital on my Friday, my first Friday of spring break. It all turned out well, long night, long day but Dr Butler thinks that it is pregnancy induced hyper-tension and I just need to rest. We did learn about having a bag packed and what we do need at the hospital. We actually are getting one together, I don't ever want to go back without my stuff ready to go again. I felt so lost! I go back on Monday to recheck all of the above....

Please pray that God continue to protect baby Camden and that my body can continue to support him as he develops.

Please pray that Colin and I continue to grow closer through this time, it is very stressful and I know that when I am "resting" I tend to drive him crazy.

Please pray that Camden arrive at the perfect time!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I forget that I hadn't mentioned in my blog before that I would not be returning to work next year. It has been an emotional roller coaster of a ride, lots of prayer, discussions, and tears with the husband (and I am sure many more to come). God has given us this amazing opportunity to allow me to stay home and be a mom. I am so happy, and can't wait to see what this new season of life will be like.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Bummer Blessings

Well, I must be honest with you. My days as a Kindergarten Teacher at TLS with my amazing team are winding down. I realized this as I watched one of the amazing candidates do her teaching interview this morning. I fought back tears as I sat and watched my sweet kids listen to a story and participate in a mini-lesson. I fought back tears as my team was reunited for about an hour (dom will be back from maternity leave after Spring Break). I fought back tears as I thought how good God has been to my family in not only blessing me with this precious little guy, but also the ability to stay home with him. Poor Colin, I called him on my way home today and couldn't get anything out as I tried to explain to him this emotional roller coaster I am on. He told me I was so very fortunate to have this problem, that I had been given the gift of three years with these amazing women and many children. Because of this friendship I have fostered with this team, I am so sad to say see ya later...not good-bye. I love my girls, I can't tell you this to your face because I am a really ugly crier and I think the kids might freak out if I started crying. I just love you......God knew what he was doing when he brought four unique Jackholes together and created the K Team. Thank you for sharing your lives with me and for letting me share mine with you. We will continue to hang out (Saul Good half price pizza's on Monday, etc)

You girls are AMAZING!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun and Farewell

Fun with Friends.....

(the boys and the babies....Colin sporting his food baby)

(Girls and the babies)

(Monica, Shane, and baby Roman, we'll miss you)

(from L-R, baby Camden's carseat, Sophie, Roman, Riley, and Joseph)

Playing in the nursery......

(colin and the baby Bjorn, along with the cute monkey from G-ma and G-daddy)

(Camden's new swing, it is awesome)

(Daddy has his "juice" and is ready to take the baby for a walk)

(I was thrilled, still can't believe how close we are to meeting our little man)

It has been one full week since my last blog. I am hoping that when I have a little more time (maybe spring break~5 more days), I will post more regularly, sorry Kris. I have some fun pictures above of Colin and I playing with some of Camden's new toys. We got a baby Bjorn from the Ford's, his stroller and carseat from Grandma and Grandaddy, and we bought the swing with gift cards (thank you so much friends). It is hard to believe that the Stout house is becoming baby-fied. It used to all be contained in the nursery, now we have stuff bursting from the nursery and even taking up residence downstairs. It is official, in 7 weeks I will be 40 weeks pregnant. That means I could see my little man's face soon!! I can't wait to kiss those soft cheeks and look into his sweet eyes and tell him what a gift he is to us, and how we and so many of you have prayed for his little life, and how much he is LOVED! (tear, tear). Anyway, we are getting a closet organizer put in his room this week and during my spring break (5 more days!), I am going to wash all his clothes, blankets, burp cloths, sheets, towels, etc and get them put away. When do I pack a bag for the hospital? Any suggestions on what I should take.....I did get a list from the hospital but you mom's who have walked before me, what do I REALLY need? Let me know friends and I hope you enjoy the pix of us playing around.
On Friday we hosted a Farewell party for Shane, Monica, and Roman Sisk. They are moving to Maryland where Shane is going to become a Jr. High Pastor at a small church located near both families....thank you Lord! What an answered prayer. We sent them off KY style with Hot Browns for an appetizer (thanks Katie), KFC as a main course, Green bean casserole, and a Derby Pie (thanks Nakada). We also had a little care package with UK t-shirts and a onsie, a stuffed horse, Old KY Chocolates, a bottle of Woodford Reserve (for Bourbon Balls), ect. We had a blast celebrating with the Sisks, and all the kids seemed to have fun. Four months ago there was one little guy, Sam. Now there are 4 more babies and 1 more on the way. Crazy....God is so good.
Shane, Monica, and Roman we are so sad to see you go, but know that when God calls you have to answer. We look forward to keeping in touch and watching your little guy grow. We love ya.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shower Number 3, and 32 weeks

(this is the dream team of women who put our shower together, thank you so much ladies for loving us so much!)

(look at this adorable decor, I got to keep all those cute outfits, booties, and the infamous monogrammed burp cloth)

(my momma joined us for yet another shower, we will be celebrating this little guy for the rest of our lives! Love you so much mom/Grandma)

(Ali Nickell, and baby Silas flew in from Colorado to surprise us. I was shocked, and thrilled to see my good friend, may have even shed a few tears).

(Can you see why I felt so, so loved? These are amazing women who I get to call friends!)

(yes, these are as good as they look!)

So it is 4 in the morning and I am WIDE awake. So what do I decide to do? Blog. I apologize for my lack of blogging.....I have some amazing pix of my shower from yesterday put on by some great friends. It was such a great day full of love and suprises. I hope you enjoyed the pix.
(I posted all the pix on my Facebook)


Monday, March 9, 2009

Shower Number 2

Enjoy the pictures and the small entry below.

(My Aunt Carol Rae, she and my mom are two peas in a pod)

(My momma, Amanda, and Beth)

(My teaching partner and friend, Jaci...love her)

(Amanda and Kelly, frends since elementary school)

(My girls....Mary and J. Ford)

(Love these bibs, Camden is "Worth the Wait!)

(Hello fun blanket for tummy time!)

(I love my momma, she is the best!)

(Jen and my mother-in-law Deb joined in the festivies, Jen is expecting and due October 8th)

(my roomie from college made me a diaper cake)

(My Jackholes were there...even new mommy Dom)

(Kristin the hostess with the mostess, Jan wouldn't let me post her picture and she checks my blog)

(This is the delicious cake that matched my invites from Tinkers)

(check out the spread....Jan bought the flowers wholesale and made the arrangements)

(Jan and Kristin didn't forget to spoil Grandma)

Well, there is one thing I know for sure and it is that.....we are loved! (and spoiled). I am not surprised at how awesome my friends and family are,, and just very thankful. This past weekend my childhood friend, Kristin and her mom, Jan threw me my 2nd shower. It was elegant, classy, and fun. I was surrounded by friends I grew up with, family, work friends, and college roomies. It was a blast! Enjoy the pix.... wish you could taste the yummy cake they had made to match my invitations from Tinkers. Oh, and Jan was looking out for me with all organic fruits and veggies. Thank you so much girls....you made my heart smile.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Shower, Pix, 31 Weeks

We had our very first baby shower on Wednesday at school. It was so much fun celebrating with the lovely people I get to work with. We were spoiled rotten, enjoy the pix.

(our delicious cake from Donut Days)

(loving my little ducky towel)

(these are just a few of the women who put this sweet shower on for us, thanks Em, Tracy, and Jaci)

(monogrammed onsies....LOVE THEM!)

(this gift meant so much to me. Sharon knit this afghan for baby Camden. She emailed me while I was on bedrest and told me while she worked on it, she prayed for us. Her card said "wrap up Camden in love, prayers, and of course an afghan!")
Obviously the pix are sweet baby Camden at 31 weeks. I am hating the shirt choice that I made, the collar is all sorts of messed up. How embarassing.
We also received a link today from Melanie Mauer with our maternity proofs and to say I LOVE them would be an understatement. They are amazing, she has such talent and the ability to capture special moments.
Tomorrow is my second baby shower and I promise to post pix sooner than later.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Maternity Pix

Well we had the BEST time yesterday with Mrs. Melanie Mauer, you must check out her website....http://www.melaniemauer.com/ She is amazingly organized, incredibly encouraging, and so very talented. I just can't wait to see her photo's in four weeks. We enjoyed walking around downtown capturing sweet moments of this special time in our life. Colin was his usual comical self which had me in stitches half the time. You just never know what is going to come out of his mouth. It was a little chilly, but Melanie had mapped out our photo shoot with stops inside different places to warm up and of course for me use the restroom. If you are looking for someone to capture any special moment in your life.....call Melanie. She is so easy to work with. We had a blast!

Last night we got to go to Malone's with the Ranson's. We just love this amazing couple. I tell ya they are the perfect pair! The conversation always seems to flow and it is just easy to be friends with them. We enjoyed some yummy food and great conversations.

I am in the process of writing my narratives (obviously I am procrastinating again). I have written 6 and have 5 more to go. My goal is to write 3 more this morning and have 2 more this week. Sheeeeesh, this writing thing is not my gift.....Stef, I need you.