Friday, January 30, 2009

Update on Nursery...

This morning, my fourth snow day in a row, Lazy Boy came by with a very special delivery for baby Camden's room. Our glider/recliner is here! Enjoy the pix. Colin is taking me on a surprise get away this weekend and I promise to post pix soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day #2

Well, I don't think I have EVER worked at TLS and had two snow days in a row. Rumor has it that the power is out at the moment, so I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. I am enjoying these free days around the house, and am getting quite a bit done. Sampson is currently keeping my feet warm, and Colin is finishing up some work stuff and on his way home. I am thinking that my friend Jess and her sweet pup, Magoo are coming to spend the night with me. She lost her power early this afternoon, and I am really looking forward to spending time with her.

We were supposed to have our glider for Camden's room delivered today, but thankfully they decided to wait until the roads/sidewalks clear. I can't imagine parking a large truck in our driveway (Colin's tends to slide down), and then carrying a large chair over snow and ice into our house. We are really excited about getting this special piece in our nursery, but can wait a few extra days.

Other big news....Whitney called and asked me to be a bridesmaid today. She also told me to mention to Colin that they want him to be a groomsmen. We are so happy to be a part of their big day, but I am already thinking.....we are going to have a child! We have to work something out during the ceremony. I would love for him to join us for the! So I will keep you posted as to what cute dress I get to wear and all the other fun wedding details. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day guys, I can't wait!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow/Ice Day 2009

(Sampson's grill...if you look closely you will see an oyster cracker in his mouth, thanks to Colin)

So today I am feeling a lot better, but woke up to another day off due to the snow/ice storm. I have enjoyed resting and my second round of antibiotics (Nakada, I will be over once I finish these to love on those babies). My family decided to get crazy and meet Stef at Saul Good to celebrate her 4 week old baby boy. We enjoyed a big bowl of chocolate covered popcorn that read "Happy Baby!". We are just thrilled that yet another baby has been added to this crazy group of friends. My mom and dad were at lunch with us, and Stef and I have asked them to babysit on Saturday nights so we can all still go out and have game nights....hahahahaha, I told them only 3 out of the 4 weekends a month, that's not too much to ask right. (joking).

Now onto this weather, I feel like the most dangerous part is actually walking from the house/restaurant to the car. Good grief...get your Zamboni's out, it is an ice skating rink out there. Needless to say we enjoyed the lunch and on the way home my dad got a call that Mac was stuck in Stonewall. We helped him get out twice and then took his poor truck to mom and dad's and Dad drove us both home. What a good dad!!! The family is home safe and sound and not planning on going anywhere the rest of the night. I am bummed because our life group had planned on getting together tonight, and we had to cancel because the roads are worse now than they were this morning (according to Colin). I really miss seeing my LG friends, and am hoping we can connect sometime soon.

When Colin got home he took Sampson out, and I captured the two of them slipping and sliding out back. I thought it was hilarious (obviously from the audio), but I think that we may be the only people who think it's cute. Next year it will be Camden and Sampson.

Speaking of my stud muffin, he is taking me away this weekend to Nashville. He has booked us a room at Opryland, couples massages, and a nice dinner at the Stockyards. He also promises some shopping at the outlets, I know this will happen because there is a Bass Pro Outlet. I am so lucky. I promise to take pix and post if I don't look huge in them. (little self conscience right now).

One more tidbit....Mac and Whitney have nailed down a wedding date, August 22,2009. I will have three months to lose this baby weight. Pray it happens. I am going to baby boot camp with KJ (which you should all call if you need a trainer, out of LAC). Oh gosh, I just don't want to be the one who is waddling down the aisle. (So selfish of me, that day isn't even about me).



in my blog entry from yesterday, Nate and Stef received a referral for a 4 WEEK old baby yesterday, not four month. (Although I know they would have been happy with either)

Monday, January 26, 2009


It has been another good day for my sweet Baby Buddies.....I am in awe of God's goodness and his perfect timing. Nakada and KJ took little Riley man to the Doctor today, and found out that they would be leaving with both of their kids. Sophie was doing well enough to go home with her mom, dad, and twin brother. Nakada said she is exhausted, but so happy to have both her children home. Now she and KJ can start their routines as a family, and just enjoy this new chapter of being parents.

In other big news.....Nate and Stef got their referral today. YES!! She got the call while she was getting her oil changed (which referrals usually never happen on Mon and Fri). She told the mechanics that she had to take this call (from Toni, her contact at the House of Hope), and that she would most likely be crying upon returning to pay for her oil change.....tears of joy of course. Nate was able to meet her at the house and the two were able to open their email together to see their four month old baby boys face!! She called me ecstatic, and invited us over to celebrate. I am so sad that I am sick and can't join the festivities. I keep calling her just to hear the joy in her voice.

Girls, I love ya and can't wait to give both of you BIG hugs!! (once I am germ free).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Addition.....

(The celebration chocolate popcorn)

(Whitney and Mac are all smiles)

(Im pretty proud of this image I captured, pretty artsie.)

No, I am not pregnant with brother finally proposed to his girlfriend Whitney. He popped the question last night (after having the ring since late November....he's a trooper). I am so proud of him, he talked to her dad and really planned out his perfect proposal. He had a friend make a beautiful wood box and he placed M&M's inside the box (M's and W's, for Mac and Whitney), and then nestled the ring inside the box, between chocolate. What more could a girl want?? Of course he got down on one knee and she said "YES!" I will keep you posted on the wedding planning.

post in pix....Taryn's Birthday

(Em leading Taryn in, sweet blindfold!)

(I think we surprised her!)

(Michelle, Amanda, Jen (Taryn's big surprise), and the Birthday Girl!!)

(Em and Em 25 weeks)

(Stef and Allison, I am sure chatting about the Head's number 1 position in receiving their referral)

(Cute picture of the birthday bunch)

(Silly picture of the birthday crew)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Surprise Parties

So, I have been terrible at blogging ever since I started working full-time. Honestly, I get home around 4, and have nothing left to give. I can't think of anything fun to write about, or muster up the energy to even type. Love my kindergartners, but the have SO much energy and I feel as if mine is decreasing. The positive is that little Camden is LOVED, my kids ask me if they can kiss, hug, and talk to my belly. They call him by name, and love to sing songs to him. I'm going to feel bad this summer when he gets here and it's just me singing some cheezy songs...I won't compare to the 22 little voices he is currently hearing on a daily basis.

Last night I had an incredible evening with some of the most amazing women I know. We celebrated Taryn's Birthday. It was a night full of surprises (poor Taryn had no idea what was going on ,she knew something was up....even pointed out that there was a tractor pull). She was brought into the living room blind folded and when she got to shed the shield a group of her friends were all sitting around on the couch screaming "surprise!" I think that she had an amazing evening, I know that I enjoyed everyones company and help. I just don't have the energy (see above paragraph) to pull off a full days work and a party....but it was a HUGE success because SO many people helped out. I will post pix later because I am getting ready to head out to church.

My friend Nakada got to go home on Friday with her dear hubs and her little boy Riley. Sophie has to stay in the hospital NICU for a few more days. Please pray for little Sophie to heal and gain strength each day so that she can join her family at home. Pray for Nakada's healing, and that she and KJ can lean on each other as they drive back and forth to the hospital and love on their baby girl.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Oh my goodness, I just heard from my friend Stefany (she and Nate have been waiting patiently for almost a year for a referral from Ethiopia for a son) and she is NUMBER ONE on the list......number 1, uno, first, next, ect. I am ecstatic, and so happy for those two. They will be the most amazing parents of their little guy.

Please continue to pray for my friend Nakada. She is still in the hospital recovering from a C-section. I think that it has been a difficult recovery, coupled with the fact that her little girl, Sophie is still in ICU. Riley and KJ are doing well, but worried about their girls. I have not talked to Nakada about what is going on because she just needs to rest and take care of herself and her children. There will be plenty of time for stories later.

These girls are my baby buddies, and I am just so thankful for the gifts God is continuing to give. I love you ladies.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

They're Here....

(Miss Sophie Jennings all 4 pounds 1 ounce of her)

(Mr. Riley Jennings all 4 pounds 14 ounces of him)

Sophie and Riley arrived this morning at 9:42, one right after the other. I believe Riley was the first one out, at 4 pounds 14 ounces....followed by his beautiful sister at 4 pounds 1 ounce. They are perfect. They are keeping a close eye on Sophie because of her low blood sugar and she may spend some time in ICU. When Stef and I were at the hospital Nakada was in recovery resting well (due to some finigrin..sp). I haven't seen my dear friend yet, but just can't wait to give the new mom a squeeze. Enjoy the pix....I for one can't wait to hold them and tell them what an answered prayer they are.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Visit with Nakada...

(me, nakada, and stef loving on that baby belly one last time!)

(em, camden, nakada, sophie, and riley)

So, I posted this morning and decided I needed to post some pix I took tonight of my friends Stef and Nakada (Baby Buddies). Nakada is posing in her last pictures pregnant! Tomorrow she is going to finally meet Sophie and Riley. Enjoy the pix and video we made on accident. Tomorrow I should have some candids of the new arrivals.

Love long weekends!

So, I have really been horrible at updating my blog. So sorry my friends (all three of you that read this :) This has been a great week! I have completed my second week of full-time work with the sweet kiddo's. Friday, we had parent conferences, so I got to brag about all of my kids to their parents. It was nice to sit and chat with each parent and tell them about their sweet child. I can't wait until the rolls are switched (probablybefore I know it) and I get to chat with Camden's teachers about how he is doing in school.

This weekend Colin and I went to a birthday party at the Dueling Penguin Bar downtown. We ran into a bouncer who thought he was a pretty big deal, I mean seriously you are working as a bouncer at a're not that big of a deal. He gave both Colin and I attitude, the icing on the cake was that he kept calling Colin "boss," and that if we didn't like the cover charge (which we didn't argue) we could '"love it or leave it." OK power trip....did I mention it's great that he is employed, but he really doesn't need to treat people like crap. I don't think I will ever go back. Other than the big headed bouncer we had a great night. I felt odd with my coke and big ol belly at a bar, but it was nice to go out and celebrate Whitney's birthday.

We got home around 11, I don't recall the last time we were up that late....Colin was up early on Saturday morning for one of his last deer hunting ventures, the quote was "if it's brown, it's going down" I met up with my friends Michelle, Monica, and Shane and had some coffee at Starbucks. After a nice long nap with the hubs, we headed out to church and then a game night at the Schaeffer's. They had an incredible taco bar set up, and then a mean game of Mad Gab, that my team dominated (Brandon, Rachael, and Nate!!!).

Today, we were busy doing projects around the house. Ceiling fan downstairs, light fixture in Camden's room and just a nice thorough clean out. Now Colin is back out hunting, and Sampson and I are laying around. I am heading to the hospital tonight to celebrate with my friend Nakada. She is having her twins tomorrow morning! Stef and I are taking her dinner and going to love on her belly one last time....I just can't wait to see those sweet babies faces and hold them. I will try to get some cute pix of the new additions, if it is OK with mom and dad.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

My hubs....

(missing my man)

I can safely share this on the world wide web now because my sweet husband will officially be back in town this afternoon. He has been gone since last Thursday on a hunting trip with the boys. He needs this little weekend getaways, especially hunting. He loves to wake up early and sit outside for hours on end and look at ducks, deer, and turkeys. To me this sounds incredible boring, but for him it is time without the cell phone, work, and a nagging wife. I have been taking my Tylenol PM each night and missed Colin, but really enjoyed stretching out and taking up the whole bed. My sweet parents came over on Thursday and Friday, brought me dinner and checked the house for any boogie men. On Saturday, Nate, Stef, and I went to see KJ and Nakada in the hospital. I tagged along with the Head's and when they brought me home, they did the boogie man check. I am so fortunate to have friends and family that love me enough to take care of me while the hubs is away.

Back to hubs.....I miss him so much. He played last weekend at church which aired this morning and I got to see his sweet face. I just miss the simple things; we love sitting on the couch at night watching Wheel of Fortune, he takes Sampson out and runs him like a mad man before we go upstairs (because our dog is WILD), he reads from my pregnancy journal about our little guy before we go to bed, and he never hesitates to hug me and love on my belly. I just miss my man! I am anxiously awaiting his arrival later this afternoon and going to try and motivate myself to clean the house and head to the grocery. Thankd for letting me vent about the LOVE of my LIFE.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rainy, Worky Saturday..

(here are the pix I tried to post last rug)

(new rug, "S" just in case we have another baby boy Stout down the road)

I am pretty sure I made up the word "worky," but it words for the title, right? (Stef is my English teacher friend, and I am sure I would not pass her freshmen english class....are you supposed to capitalize freshmen english?) Anyway, I had to wake up early this morning to report to TLS for incoming Kinders for the 2009-2010 school year. It is always fun to see some of our former students sibs, and to meet new friends who may walk through our doors next year. The hard part about waking up this morning was that it was raining....I mean pouring, like perfect stay tucked under the covers and listen to the rain hit the rough sleeping-in raining. But alas, I did get up and have had a pretty productive day so far. After working until 11:30, I went to my mom and dad's and we grabbed lunch and one of my favorites, Saul Good. After that, mom and I had to swing into the mall and pick up a few things that my big booty would fit into. I am so excited because I now have a white hoody and brown hoody to wear around. You know my passion for hoodies....I am currently wearing one right now, and boy does it feel good. I am about to head out the door to get my haircut and then on to church. Tonight Nate, Stef, and I are going to take KJ and Nakada dinner at the hospital. It should be an action packed fun night with the baby buddies.

As for baby Camden, he is moving (I am convinced swimming laps) inside my uterus. I always thought it would freak me out to feel a human move inside of me, but I love it. Knowing that my little man is safe inside of me, growing like a weed. I just love this little guy already. My first week back to work full-time is under my belt and we made a good team. I noticed that I tend to get winded pretty quickly, and that I can't bend, sit, and do other things comfortably anymore. I think that is going to get worse before it gets better. The kids are loving my growing belly and give baby Camden hugs and kisses throughout the day. They also like to talk to him. I am such a lucky girl.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tired, but loving it!

I am so happy to be back to school, but can honestly tell you by the time I get home and comfy it isnt too long before I am ready for bed! I will admit that I am a LOSER, and really VALUE my sleep. The days have not been too bad...the kids are getting adjusted to being back at school and tend to be really comfortable with each other this time of year. We tend to have to give friendly reminders of the rules, but the kids are easily redirected and respectful. I have come home the last three days and put my PJ's on and snuggled up on the couch with my big man, Sampson.

Colin is continuing to take really good care of me. He has breakfast ready each morning, and I have had some really bad cravings for soft serve chocolate and vanilla yogurt with colored sprinkles. Last night he was a traffic school, so my dad went out with me to pick some up. I am justifying that yogurt is much better for me than ice cream....right??

I have to work this Saturday, so I am trying to keep plans low key. I am hoping to go spend some time with friends on Friday night, and go to church and dinner Saturday. Sunday we are hoping to get to gether with our Life Group, whom I miss!!!

Our nursery is really coming along. Not only do we have furniture and bedding now, but our accessories are starting to roll in. Yesterday I got a package with some cute boxes for our hutch and today our rug came in. Check out the above pix.... (they won't download for some reason, I will try to put them up later...and check out Facebook)

Please pray for my friend Nakada and my friend Stef. They are my baby buddies. Nakada is 35 weeks pregnant with twins and currently in the hospital. The Dr's keep running tests on her and the babies are doing great, but her little body I think is getting tired. Pray for knowledge for her Dr's and that sweet Riley and Sophie arrive healthy at God's appointed time. She is emotionally and physically drained and just ready to meet her children....holy cow...two kids!
Stef is really close to receiving her referral from Ethiopia. It has been a lengthy, draining, emotional process and she is just ready to see baby Jordan's picture. She has exhibited such patience and trust in God throughout this process and being so close....gosh she just can't wait!!

Love you guys,

Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I really took my time getting up and moving this morning, and I am currently on the couch with my big dog Sampson. Colin is playing at church this morning, so I had the whole bed to stretch out in...good thing because the dog took up my half of the bed. Today Colin and I are going to Lowes to look at ceiling fans, outlets, and other misc items. This is the only thing we are doing today...I want to be well rested for my first FULL day back. I am really excited about seeing my kids, being back to my normal hours at work, and being reunited with the Preschool team. I have tried to prepare myself by no naps over break (maybe a few) and keeping busy. I have noticed I can stay on my feet longer and that the only issue is that I get really winded easily. I guess that's what you get when you don't do anything for eight weeks.

Needless to say, I am so thankful that the clot is gone, that we are having a healthy baby boy, and God has given me the permission to go back to nice. If you think about pray for my patience this week, energy, and passion for these awesome kids I get to love on. Thanks friends.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Special Delivery...

(new lamp from Nana, and the cute letters I ordered, "a" should be here by February)

(new bumper from Nana, and pillow from G-ma and G-daddy)

(I was so flipping excited...)

(...I think I am going to be an embarassing mom!)

This afternoon I was getting ready to make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby with mom and the doorbell rang. The UPS man had left me such a sweet surprise! Pam (Colin's mom, Nana) had bought Camden his bumper, bed skirt, and lamp shade for his room. It was like Christmas in January because not only did all of those goodies arrive, but so did his letter ("a" is on backorder) and my shower curtain. What a great day! I just couldn't wait to post tomorrow, plus tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Yeah for baby Camden!!!


(my mom and I are very excited about the new furniture)

(here is the hutch/changing table)

(sweet crib for baby Camden)

(mom and dad can't wait to meet the little guy who will sleep in this crib!)

Well thank goodness we painted on Wednesday, because yesterday we got a call that our furniture was in! My mom, dad, Colin, and I rushed over to the store and picked up all the pieces for Camden's room. I am getting really excited. We have a crib! Enjoy the pictures.....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Post in pix...Happy New Year!

Last night we brought in the new year with some great friends. We normally host a New Years bash, but because of the bedrest and baby stuff we decided we couldn't do it this year. Our friend Taryn put on an amazing party with some incredible desserts!! So yummy!! Enjoy the pix of us bringing in the new year. Let's be honest, Colin and I got home around 10 and were fast asleep before midnight. We were awakened by fireworks and Sampson barking because he didn't like the fireworks....boy have times changed!

(me and Jess....bringing in the new year 9 years strong!)

(emily, nakada, and me......Em and I are 23 weeks, Nakada is almost 34)

(The lovely ladies at the much fun!)

(Taryn was an amazing hostess...thanks for such a great party friend)

(this is the nursery of our friends said it was the perfect back drop for camo walls)
(this is after my mom primed the walls)

(this is after Dennis and Colin painted the walls, bead board, and crown....LOVE IT!)