Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love hosting our family here at the house for some delicious fried turkey and too many sides and desserts to count. It is really a team effort (my mom makes more then anyone...she "loves to cook!"), and it is always wonderful to spend time and catch up with dear friends and family. We are so blessed. Tomorrow night Mac and Colin will get the turkeys marinated and stuff....I don't like this part. I am usually busy setting up the table....my sweet spot. Here is a look at years past decor.

1. 2008 (sporting a tiny baby bump)

2. 2009 (my boy looks so little here)

3. 2010 (First T-giving on Woodwalk)

I have all the ingredients for my green beans and mashed potatoes lined up nice and neat on my counter. Colin has all the sauces and sav's for the turkey. The playroom is being cleared out to make room for tables, (too many toys). The tables will be delivered tomorrow, the final touches will be added tomorrow evening and we expect pple as early as 8 to start frying turkey's and eating fried twinkies....be sure you freeze them before dipping into the fryer (we learned the hard way).

Happy Thanksgiving friends!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am turning into my Nana

This makes my Anal Annie heart smile.

To hang artwork in Camden's big boy room

Sleeping bag for Camden

For my bathroom counter and makeup storage

My Nana was the funniest Christmas/Birthday gift shopper ever. We never know what we were going to get. Mac had the best gifts ever.....a black lab toilet paper holder and a guitar glow sign. I find it funny that I received her catalog of choice yesterday in the mail, and found a few items I would LOVE for Christmas (hint, hint hubs). I am just carrying on the tradition to love Lillian Vernon Nana....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

9 Years

Happy Anniversary to my lovely hubs. I can't believe we have been married for 9 years! It still seems like yesterday that I was in my first year of teaching and Colin was finishing up college....yes, I am older (he calls me his couger). When I met Colin I knew that he was someone different. I knew that he had a big heart, he was sensitive and very in tune with my feelings. He walked through a time of healing for me, and he loved me, even when I wasn't very lovable. I am so thankful that God chose him to be my husband. My day to day life is spent laughing and on occasion crying at the crazy things he says and does.

We started our marriage off in Florida....12 hours away from everything I ever knew. I cried all the time. We made some great friends, found a church, and both had great jobs. After we signed a contract to build our first home in Florida....we got a call that brought us back to KY. I was so happy to be back with friends and family...but a part of me will always miss JAX. It was me and Colin against the world.....we had each other and every weekend was a new adventure. During that time we grew as a couple and learned how to lean on each other. We enjoyed and treasured all the visits many of you made during that time.

After two years of marriage we were back in the Bluegrass State. Bought our second home in Copperfield and both started great jobs. Colin back at Lexmark and me at SCC in the Children's Ministry. We both loved our jobs, but felt called to something different. So within the first year of returning home he started to work at Concrete Coring Company (with the intention of buying) and I went back to the classroom at The Lexington School. I LOVED working at my church, but missed having kids in my life.

Around our 4th year of marriage we decided that we would like to start a family. Looking back now at that journey I am so thankful to God for the gift of Camden. What a long hard time for Colin and me, with so many ups and downs....but with the outcome of being a mom and dad we will forever be thankful.

As husband and wife, mom and dad, I am so thankful for my best friend to walk through life with. Throughout the last 9 years I have never laughed so hard. Looking forward to 90+ more babe. I love you.

(When I get my camera fixed on my phone I will post a few pix of our wedding day, Colin looks 12)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Have I mentioned....

...that I am listening to Christmas music? Word on the street that Mixmas is up and running, thank you 94.5. I just love this Holiday season. What makes it better are the cooler temps, sun, and beautiful colors on the leaves. This is a time of year where it is easy to find things to be thankful for. I have noticed that so many people are posting something they are thankful for each day. I love reading each post, and am reminded of our many blessings. I am afraid to start that daily thankful on FB because then I would feel like I had to keep up with it, and i might not do it, like my blog!

Have I mentioned.....that I am loving teaching again. I have the perfect work week. Monday, WEdnesday, and Friday 8-12...with my boy. Somedays are tough being both mommy and teacher, but it is so fun spending my days with him. I am starting to see how fast this time goes....and want to slow it down so bad. It seems like I had this just yesterday....

I realize I have myself a very handsome little guy.....enjoying every minute.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

If I had only known.....

Proud mom

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2008 (Best Grandparents....I have baby Cam in my belly)

As a new mom, (I know Camden is going to be 3 in April, but everyday is something new), I realize how hard it is to be a mom. If I had known how hard it was, I would have been so much nicer to my mom growing up. I remember things that I said and did to my mom growing up that were so incredibly hateful. I know that if Camden said and did the same things that I did, my heart would be completely broken. (I sit and think of these things as I rock Camden before bed at night....I have a few more random thoughts coming your way soon).

So mom, for the time....

....I said I hated you (how many times, I can't remember)

....I threw the precious baby cradle Grandaddy bought me

....I broke the phone

....I lied

....I disappointed you

....I didn't tell you I love you

....I ran away (with Daisy to the end of the street and freaked out)

....I didn't say thank you

....I didn't eat what you made me

....I didn't wear what you bought me

....I didn't follow directions

....I couldn't make up my mind

....I maybe got a little anxious

....I am sure I should apologize for future oops

(you owe me for the ankle incident)

....I am so sorry. You are so appreciated and LOVED. I value our relationship and am so thankful that God called you to be my mom. I adore you momma, and am sorry I don't say it enough.

I am so thankful that God called me to be Camden's mom, but I am also feel so inadequate to be a parent. I am trusting that God will equip me each day to teach and love my son.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Past Post

Sock Monkey 2009

Elmo 2010


Halloween was so much fun this year. It is so different with a little one who gets to dress up and collect candy (for mommy). There is nothing cuter then a tiny Curious George going door to door saying "Teet or Teet!" I took it upon myself this past week to look at past Halloween pix and I teared up. Our baby boy isn't a baby anymore....he is a little boy! I also realized that he has been a monkey two out of his three years. My friend Kendra gave me great advice right before our first Halloween. She told us to buy a Christmas ornament that represents our little guys costume each year. So now our tree will have a sock monkey, elmo, and I need to find Curious George. Such a great idea friend.

I am also full speed ahead planning our Thanksgiving. The tables are rented and I can already taste the turkey. I love this time spend with family and friends. I must admit that I have already started listening to Christmas music, well just one song right now. It was my favorite last year and it looks like it may be again this year. Winter Snow is amazing....check out the link to listen for yourself. Nobody does it like Amanda Carter....hoping that she sings it again at SCC this year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Unattended candy bowl...he didn't know what to do!

(Camden as Curious George 2011)

We were that family that had all the glow sticks and such at 6 when it was still sunny.

Safety First!

Grandma and Grandaddy with their lil punkin

Stout Family 2011

Marilyn and Luigi

Luigi and Mario (next year I want to be a princess)

At TLS I was Mustard and Cam was sporting a sockless Curious George

Ketchup, Mustard, Curious George and Snow White

Camden LOVES Mrs. Platt (so do I)

So, I am home sick today....love my sweet 2's, but we keep passing stuff around. I know that this will eventually make me super immune woman! So I have some time to upload our Halloween pictures from this past weekend. We had a blast this year. This was Camden's first time Trick or Treating and he was hilarious. He would go to the door and say "Teet Teet" and then "thank you." We were so proud. The very first house we went to, they opened the door and he walked right in...it was hilarious. Check out the video below. Love that boy.

(This is Camden's first ever door to door Trick or Treat)