Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am just loving this break of mine, but really starting to be nervous about going back to work full-time. I have been pushing myself a little more and more each day during the break, but how do you prepare for a full day with Kindergartners? I know that I am so fortunate to team teach with the BEST lady in the whole world, but my body is not used to doing anything productive! I am so happy that I get to live a normal pregnancy, but just nervous at how my body is going to react to an 8 hour day with 22 kinders. The kids are so excited about this baby, and they are so careful with me. They remind each other to be quiet because if they get to noisy it will scare the baby. I should have pretended I was pregnant the last five years of teaching!

It looks like the nursery is coming along. Tonight my mom is going to prime the walls, and hopefully sometime this week Dennis is going to be able to come by and paint the bead board, crown, and walls blue! I called about our furniture yesterday and they are waiting on one more piece. We should have everything in 7-10 days. I would love to have the painting done before the furniture gets here. It is cool how Camden's little room is coming together. He also has a closet full of really cute clothes. I went to Old Navy today and they were having a sale on all their winter items. Mom and I both found some great deals....mine was a camo fleece! I will post a picture when all the painting is complete.

Speaking of Camden, he has been moving more and more over the last few weeks. Last week at the Dr his little feet were down, but now I am convinced he is laying across my belly, I keep feeling kicks on my right side. Colin has felt him move twice now, and it really freaks him out. We are still in awe of this precious little gift, and just can't wait to meet our little guy!


Monday, December 29, 2008

We're Back.....

(Colin and his momma, also knows as Nana now)

(Mama, Papa, me, and Colin)

(all of us at dinner, Bucca de Beppo)

From a wonderful visit with the family in Dallas, Texas. It was such a gift to get to spend time with Colin's mom, stepdad, and stepsister. We also got to see Mama, Papa, Kaye and Richard (Craig's parents). We enjoyed eating, eating, eating, shopping, and a few card games (not my gift). The shopping brought so many new outfits for sweet baby Stout. I will have to post a few pix of them, holy cow, can't wait to get the little body in all those cute clothes.

We also have some big news.....we have decided on a name for our little guy.....after much deliberation (meaning, we went through the alphabet on the flight down and brainstormed all kinds of names) we have decided to name our little guy......wait for it, wait for it :)
Camden Wade Stout
We love it! We also like that our baby will share the same initials and middle name as his daddy, same name as his papa (big shoes to fill). We are happy to be home and I am currently just getting up and around after sleeping in with my other son, Sampson. Now we are on the couch catching up on email, Facebook, and the blog world. I think Colin and I are going to have dinner tonight and then go register at Babies r Us. So happy to be back home safe and sound and to have had the opportunity to go be loved on by Colin's mom and family.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Friends and Family,
We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. We will be traveling this weekend and away from the computer. We love ya.
Em, Colin, Sampson, and Baby Boy Stout

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's a BOY!!

We were thrilled to hear that we have a healthy baby boy on the way! Yesterday was such a cool day for us. The tech asked us if we wanted to know and we said "yes!" Within seconds she had the money shot on the screen and there was no doubt it was a he! We finally got a chance to surprise my parents by placing little blue can of paint in a bag for them to open (we had also purchased a small can of pink, just in case). They were thrilled, and LOVED the new pix of their grandchild. We have the chance to show him off to the other sets of G-parents over Christmas. We are heading to Colin's dads tonight and then his Mom's (in Dallas) on Friday. We are so proud!

I love the 4D image of our little guy. You can see his precious face and two little hands. If you take a close look at the hand on the left you will see he has already picked up a bad habit from his daddy. (We will have a chat about this in about 4 months). Love you guys so much and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

The Stouts

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boy or Girl...today is the day!

I am sitting here waiting to leave for my Dr's appointment. Today is the big day where we find out the sex of our baby, we see his/her precious face, and make sure all is well in his/her development. I have been praying over the last few months, just thanking God for this incredible gift of life, and just preparing me for this big day. I am nervous about this appointment, what if something is wrong? I know that I will LOVE this child with all of my heart no matter what, and that this is the child the Lord has given us. So with all that in mind it "if I do worry, I am choosing not to trust God." We have trusted Him thus far in the journey (what an incredible one He has given us) and we will continue to put our faith in Him. I am sure that I will need the Phillipians 4:6-8 reminder quite often as a new mom.....I don't think you stop worrying about your sweet child no matter how old you or they are (I have found that out with my mom and dad). Friends, we will keep you posted. Thanks for all your prayers. We love you and will get back to you soon.

Monday, December 22, 2008

First Day of Christmas Break......

and I was wide awake at 4:30! I have been having crazy dreams about our Dr's appointment tomorow, excited about finding out what is actually moving around like crazy inside of me, and dreading the fact that I am now 31! (my nana would say 21 + 10). We go in tomorrow at 10:00 to find out the sex of baby Stout. I was told by a good friend to drink a coke before going so the baby is busy and moving around and we can get the "money" shot. I am thrilled to finally know so we can start calling the baby he or she, instead of it. We are still up in the air on names, but I have a clear vision of what the nursery will look like.

So back to laying wide awake in bed at 4:30 this morning. Sampson started barking and I told Colin I would take care of him so he could sleep a little longer. I think that our little guy had some sort of nightmare because he definatley didn't need to go outside. He sat there and stared at me through the door, shivering. When I let him back in, he ran right into his house and curled up in a little ball to go back to sleep. As soon as I got back to my bed warm and cozy, Colin's alarm went off. I decided to make him breakfast and coffee. I had to go ahead and jump in the shower at that point because the guys finishing up the construction in our house were supposed to be coming over. I got to my mom and dads at 7:30, and tried to lay back down for about an hour and Sampson barked and played the whole time (I think I am getting ready for this sweet baby). So now I am watching Price is Right, and getting ready to reheat some speghetti because I am starving!! It's the middle of the day for me.....

I am going to try and take me a nap so that I can be rested up for my date night with Colin. We are going to Moe's and a movie to celebrate my birthday. I can't wait. I hope all of my friends are enjoying their first day of CHristmas week.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh, and I am 20 weeks today! (check below for other new post)

Here are some recent pix of Baby Stout and some of his/her friends.
(Aunt Swilly and Aunt Jess)

(Aunt Kris)

(Aunt Jess)

Nurseries, Birthdays, and Christmas Lights

(Grandaddy and me on the party bus for Christmas Lights 2008)

Skinny Kris, and Momma Stout

(My delicious birthday cake from Tinkers...thanks Kris and Jan)
(nursery....for sweet baby Stout....will it be pink or blue?)
(the Birthday crew at Saul Good, love you girls)

I am so sorry for slacking off this week, but it has been so busy! I have such great friends, like dearest J Corn who planned a sweet gathering on Tuesday at Saul Good to celebrate my 31st birthday.....I mean 21st Birthday. Monica, Swilly, Jess, Leann, and Lauren came out on a very treacherous night (I had a snow day), and loved on me. It was awesome. I had so much fun girls. Thank you for braving the elements to spend time with me.

I have continued to work half days this past week, but instead of coming home to put my feet up I have been spending time at my parents house. You will see in the pix above that our nursery is coming along nicely. We have the floors down, the bead board, crown, and chair rail up. Everything looks so great. We are going to prime everything this weekend, so on Tuesday (yes, Tuesday we find out what this little bean is), we will be ready for pale pink or pale blue walls. I can't believe our guest room is now a room for a permanant guest in the Stout house....crazy.

Finally, last night we participated in our 8th annual Christmas Lights Extravaganza. This has been a long standing tradition of the Kempers, Baxters, Stouts, and Howards. We have grown out of my dad's suburban and rented the party bus this year. It was awesome. We had a great driver named Scott, and ate, drank (sparkling grape juice for me), and were merry. I was also surprised with another Birthday surprise from Kristin and Jan. I have a picture of the cake above, and some other candid's from the night.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


So last night we got together with some of our favorite people, The Head's, The Ranson's, and Dan. I had really been looking forward to spending time with these friends for a week, we were getting together one last time before everyone started traveling for the Holidays. We went all out with Qdoba, and dessert I never actual saw. Do you want to know why? I started throwing up in the middle of the party (no worries, I made it to the bathroom), but that was it for me. I didn't get to spend any time with my friends, and I had to hug the porcelin God for about 30 minutes. Awesome. Poor Colin was being pulled between his sick wife and being a good host. I must admit, he was doing a great job taking care of me. We called our Dr's office and they told me lots of fluids and to take the little nausea pill I had left over from my IVF retrieval (so happy I saved that). Our guests left and Colin did his duty, "in sickness and in health." I must admit I hate throwing up, I don't know who likes it, but I start shaking, dry heaving, and sweating. It is the worst feeling in the world. My sweet husband brought me water, a cool washcloth, and tucked me in tight. I slept through the night and am feeling pretty good this morning. I just ate some toast, drank some water and am now taking one more nausea pill. I am taking it easy today and hoping, praying that the incident was from a place I ate yesterday for lunch. (I only got two bites of my Qdoba down).
Leigh, Aaron, Stef, Nate, and Dan I was so sad that I had to stay upstairs and not celebrate Christmas last night. I just didn't know if it was the flu of food poisoning and didn't want to expose you. Love you guys and am looking forward to many more Saturday night dinners in 2009.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

19 weeks

I can't believe I am almost at the halfway point in this pregnancy. God has been so good to me and this sweet baby. I know that I had to rest for 7-8 weeks, but I really believe that God was teaching me through that time the importance of slowing down and taking time for family, friends, and that I didn't have to get things done "right now." I was praying on Sunday morning because I had become worried that I wasn't feeling the baby a whole lot. My Baby Center update had said I should really be feeling something going on by now. An hour after praying I felt that little bun moving around, and have every day since.

Today I am baking cookies for my friends at school, my boss, and the boys that Colin works with. I just want to do a little something to show how much I appreciate all these wonderful peeps. Colin is at his second rehearsal this week in preparation for the 5 weddings Southland is having during its weekend services. I miss having him around at night, and am looking forward to a slow weekend (minus him being at church Saturday night and Sunday morning).

I also got my Christmas cards in and addressed tonight. Busy, busy, busy.....I hope all is well with all my friends.
love ya'll.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New floors....

I am at my mom and dad's today with my big man. We have been relaxing in the sun room together and just enjoyed a short snooze.  Sampson and Charlie seem to have really taken to each other and are really funny when playing with the tennis ball in the backyard. My poor little guy doesn't have a chance against his long legged cousin....but he sure is cute running around.  The reason we get to spend the day here is that the hardwood floors are being laid in our upstairs hallway and nursery.   We are so excited to see the end result! I am just itching to go over and take a look, but just want to stay out of the contractors way.  Sampson isn't a big fan of the hardwood in our kitchen, so it should be interesting tonight when he realizes the dreaded floor has mad its way up the steps.  

Tonight we are celebrating my sweet hubs 29th birthday. My mom is making some peppersteak (whick smells really good), that we will feast upon in a few hours.  I love our family get togethers and am sad that Whitney won't be able to join us tonight.

Hope all is well with my friends.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2 weeks....

So in two weeks we will finally know what this little bean in my belly is! I have really been feeling him/her move around lately. I honestly thought it would freak me out, but I LOVE IT! I love knowing that our sweet baby is alive and well, rolling around in my belly! I can't wait for the day where Colin can feel our sweet child kicking through my belly. All this to say, I just can't wait to get things rolling with the nursery and registry and showers.....so fun!

I have been clearing out all our furniture and knick knacks in the nursery for the last few weeks in preparation for hardwood floors being laid down, bead board, crown, and of course all that sweet furniture. I also have bought two paint colors (light pink/light blue), and am waiting to see what color will be splashed all over the walls.

So my question for you.....what do you think baby Stout is....BOY or GIRL? Just let me know your prediction and I promise to let you know as soon as we do.


Monday, December 8, 2008

and here we go.....

I feel like things are really starting to pick up around here. We have already started the Christmas parties, and have quite a few more to go. This week I am celebrating with my girls from work, we call ourselves the Jackholes, and next Friday is the TLS holiday brunch. Next Monday, my sweet friend Jess is planning a birthday celebration for me at my favorite place, Saul Good. Tonight I am taking Colin to Malone's to celebrate his birthday, which is tomorrow. Whew! Oh, and on Wednesday my momma is cooking dinner for the family to celebrate my man's 29th birthday. Let me think.....anything else, oh Colin is playing at church this weekend where there will be six wedding during the weekend services. Busy, busy, busy...but I wouldn't change a thing. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing friends and family. So many celebrations and get togethers....love it!

When you get a minute, please pray for my sweet friend Nakada. She is expecting twins and is 31 weeks pregnant today. She went to the Dr. and he has put her on strict bedrest and asked her to start coming in twice a week. She has a rough appointment this morning, the babies are fine, they just need to stay in their mom for a little bit longer.

Also, my friend Stef found out some bad news in regards to her journey in adoption. They agency isn't referring any more children during the dates of December 19th-January 5th. We had been praying that she would get a Christmas referral. We totally trust that God is "shuffling" those sweet babies around so that everyone gets the one he has planned for their family. We are just a little disappointed about the timing.

I have another friend who is going through a domestic adoption and her little baby should be here this week. Mom is being induced on Wednesday at 6 AM. Please pray that labor, delivery, and transition for baby be quick and easy. So excited to meet this little guy!

Please pray for my sweet baby buddies....we are so close girls! Hold tight to the fact that God's plan and timing is PERFECT! I love you.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photo Session for the Stout's

If you are in the market for some cute family pix, our friends Jeff and Abby Laub have set up a studio in their garage. We were their first Christmas card clients....we had a great time with the Laub's and Sampson smiled through the whole session. We are hoping to get a cute Christmas card to all our family and friends in the mail, but so far we can't fine one that is budget savy. Wish us luck...or maybe I will just send an email with our cute pix. Thanks Jeff and Abby!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So Proud....

Have you ever been so proud of somebody you could just burst? Well last night we had Colin's company Christmas dinner for Concrete Coring and we had a blast. It was so nice to sit down with all of the wonderful people he works with and talk and of course eat. My favorite part was when Colin and Leanne presented a Powerpoint slideshow of all the guys in their "element" and a few black mail pix along the way. It was so, so funny. Immediately following the slideshow Colin passed out gifts, bonus', and passed out "awards." (My dad got perfect attendance award....they were a bit sarcastic considering my dad went in may three times this year). Colin spilled his little heart to his work family and yes, of course got a little choked up. Well, this pregnancy thing I guess makes me a little more emotional, no I didn't cry, but I made this crazy noise trying to hold in the tears. I am praying it was a very quiet noise, my mom hasn't mentioned anything about it. I was so proud, he is so happy working with his Concrete Coring family, he has never been happier about his job, and he does a nice job leaving work at the door when he comes home. Love you babe!

PS If you need any concrete cut in the near future check out their website:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tis the Season...

Today I am home again by 12, and on the couch with my little man. My mom is hard at work painting the bead board, moulding (just found out that was the formal way to spell it), and chair rail for the nursery. My brother is coming over later this afternoon to shop for my Mom's Christmas gift. I feel like I am doing a good job balancing this work/rest time for me and baby Stout. I notice that when I am on my feet too long I do start to cramp a little. Nothing that some Tylenol and rest won't take care of.

I totally forgot to thank all of you for your awesome suggestions to thank my mom for all she has done. I have some ideas in the back of my head (that I won't mention because she reads this). Thanks again for being so creative and thoughtful at the same time, you all hit the nail on the head. I am hoping you are enjoying this crisp, wintery weather and gearing up for Christmas. I still can't believe it is that time of year.

Please be praying for some friends of my in Missouri. We have never met face to face but they too have walked through IVF and sadly didn't get the desired results this morning. Pray that God comfort them and carry them through this time of sadness. My heart is breaking for them because I can just tell they will be amazing parents one day.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nursery Time!

So this is day three of being back to work for half days, and I am hanging in there. It is definately hard to go from doing absolutely nothing to three hours with 22 amazing kindergartners. They are so sweet to me, reminding me that they need to use inside voices (quiet) because they might scare the baby if it gets too loud. They are also very open to hugging and kissing my belly. My job is amazing! I know that these posts are short, but I am about to lay my head down for a quick snooze with Sampson (he is already snoring away).

We are officially starting on the nursery. (I would take a picture but the digital camera I borrowed died, and the charger broke, oops). My mom is in the garage painting the bead board, chair rail, and crown molding. We just had a contractor come by and quote hardwood floors and installing all the goods. I can't believe we have bought the furniture, glider, and now we are actually talking about putting it all together. My guest room will soon be transformed into a sweet little nursery! yeah!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I made it!

I am so lucky to have such an amazing job, complete with great kids, awesome team, and all around positive work place. I LOVE IT! I just couldn't stop smiling all morning. We always start our day with an activity called Morning Meeting, it is a 30-40 minute group time where we go over the calender, days of the week, how many days we have been in school, and just chat. I looked up this morning and realized that my sweet kids had sat for almost 45-50 minutes talking to me about Thanksgiving, and other important news. They were perfect! I was so impressed with how much taller, mature, and involved they were in our conversations.....it was priceless. I am now at home sitting on the couch with my little man watching the snow come down and thankful to have some down time where I can put my feet up and rest. I have to admit I am beat.....but I made it, and I get to do it all again tomorrow.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

One more day...

I think that my sweet hubs is finally on the mend. We slept in the same bed again last night, (he slept in the guest room the night before because he was afraid he would get me sick). Little less coughing, but a lot of snoring, oh well, at least I had him with me. It was hard to go to sleep without him on Friday night, knowing he was sick and just a room away. We are such losers. Right now we are up watching the history channel, a sweet documentary on the battle portrayed in the movie 300, it was awesome (now you see why I am blogging). Sampson is snug as a bug next to me in the big chair snoozing away. We do have rain again today, so he is not thrilled to have to walk outside with that scary umbrella. Colin is much better at dragging him out the door to do his business. Tomorrow should be interesting since I am going back to work. Sampson is used to me snuggling with him on the couch until 8ish. I think I am going to miss that too. I can't wait to go back to school tomorrow morning and stand at the door as my sweet kids walk down the hall to our classroom. It is going to be so good to be back to work.

I have learned over the past 8 weeks to slow down. God has taught me that it is OK to rest, and relax. He will provide the time needed to get stuff done. He has taught me that I have the best family and friends in the world. He has taught me that it is not about me, I had to rest to protect this little life He has so graciously given us, He loves this little baby more then we can ever comprehend. I have learned that God is so good, and He is always there. Although I know there will come a time that I miss this time of rest, but for right now I look forward to see what is in store the next 22 weeks of pregnancy.

I will post tomorrow about my first day back at work. I may not be able to blog everyday (sorry Kristin), but I will do my best to not slack off.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lazy Day

Well we have had a very uneventful day. Colin came down with a bad cold yesterday and we decided although he was feeling better, we should probably lay low. He has had the last four days off of work, so it has been nice for him to be able to rest and really take care of himself. I have done my best to take care of him in "sickness." I have made him breakfast, lunch, and dinner, refilled his orange juice, given him meds, and tucked him in our extra bedroom bed last night. I am trying to avoid catching the cold so I don't have to call in sick my first day back to work Monday.

We spent most of the day laying in bed with our little man watching the first season of 24. You can't go wrong with Jack Bauer. Tomorrow we are going to try and look for a chair to put in the nursery, buy the bead board and crown molding, and paint. Colin's dad and our brother-in-law are going to help us install all of it after Christmas!! Yipppeee! We can't pick out pink or blue yet....not until the 23rd.

All in all, a great day at home with the family. I love it when God encourages you to slow down and just breathe.

Friday, November 28, 2008

HaPPy ThAnkSgiViNg

(me and my momma...I love her)

(me and the hubs at Thanksgiving 2008)

(Dad, Uncle Rick, Colin, Stephen, and Mac)

(These poor turkey's don't have a chance with this crew)

(I can smell the sweet scent of fried turkey!)

(We say down to enjoy the much anticipated feast....)

(Dad was nervous Stephen was going to cut into the turkey without him, Rick just couldn't get enough)

(My hubs took care of the birds)

(We had lot's of turkey)

(Then we had to work off all the turkey by playing Wii)

What an incredible day with family! We had a blast frying up turkey's, telling crazy stories, and playing Wii. I am just so thankful that I have such a wonderful family! Enjoy the pictures of our celebration! I didnt get pictures of my mom and Deb cleaning everything off the table, washing the dishes, and being awesome! I was so, so thankful that they took care of all the clean-up.....thanks ladies.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Table is set....

(table setting for Flo)

(centerpieces from Gordman's)

(table for 15 please)

(another angle)

and we are off.....

Today our Holiday officially starts. We have some crazy Stout/Baxter traditions that we must adhere to on the day before Thanksgiving. Since we host Thanksgiving at our house we get to decorate and set up for the family's big feast. This year is a little different since we are actually hosting our biggest dinner yet....15. We have actually rented two six foot tables, 15 chairs, table cloths, and napkins. I love this part and promise to post a picture once we get it all set up. My sister-in-law and mom are coming over around 4 to help with all the decorative prep. Tonight is one of my favorite parts of the day because family comes over to help season and inject the turkey's. (4 breasts/1 whole turkey). Colin and Mac have the secret sauce they create and then rub it down with some really good creole seasoning. I am sure the night will end with some Rock Band and good family time. We are thrilled that the St. Louis Baxter's joined us this year (Rick, Clare, and Stephen....we are sad that Flo couldn't make it). I am also excited because I think that Colin is going to get off work early! Did I mention I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS?!?!?!?

This afternoon before all the madness begins I am going to one of my favorite restaurants with the girls from work. We are off to Saul Good to celebrate the break, friendship, and I am celebrating joining them on Monday!

We have so much to be thankful for!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Thankful...

Guess what?!?!?! I went into see Dr. Butler, Jennafer, and Joan today just to touch base about my bed-rest, clot, and sweet baby Stout. We got some great news! Dr. Butler has released me back to part-time work starting on Monday. I will be going in from 8-11:15 every day until Christmas break. I go back to the Dr. on December 23rd (find out the sex), and should know if I can be released back to full-time! I am so excited, but a little nervous because I have been so, so cautious over the last 8 weeks. God is going to continue to protect this sweet baby, and I totally trust Dr. Butler and his decision to release me. (watch out, I will be out on the road driving again).

We also heard the heartbeat today (no ultrasound), but a strong little beat. Our nurse Jennafer was in our last ultrasound and she agrees with me at the moment that it is a boy....we won't know for sure until December 23rd. I can't wait!

So many reasons to be thankful this season.......

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sampson , Snow, and 16 weeks....

(Second shot....little closer)

(Sampson LOVES the snow!)

(Kind of scary picture, but he ran and ran and buried his face in the snow)

(When he first got outside and wasn't too sure yet)

I am making up for my lack of posting last week. Be sure you check out the next post after you check out all the pix of sweet little Sampson in the snow! He loved it!!

Babies and Birthdays

(The Sisk's)

(The Jennings')

(The Feola's)

(The Birthday girls.....also sporting babies!)

(Colin's awesome seat during the dinner, this is the main reason we are renting for Thanksgiving, we don't have enough chairs)
Tonight was a really fun night with some really good friends. The Stout's, Sisk's, Jennings', and Feola's all came over for dinner. At first we decided to celebrate Katie and Dave and their sweet little guy we have been praying for over the last few weeks. Then Katie called and reminded me that Nakada's birthday was Friday, so she was going to pick up a cake. On Saturday at church Shane told me that Monica's birthday is on Thursday....so dinner turned into a huge celebration of babies and birthdays. I love surprises, especially when I get to surprise others. We had a great dinner of veggie soup, chili and some really rocking appetizers. For dessert we had an incredible ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins that I just noticed was left behind in our freezer.....not good news for the pregnant lady who is craving chocolate ice cream!

I didn't do much today because I really thought I was set for tonight. My amazing mom and dad prepared the soup for me, and since everybody else brought things for the dinner I was good to go. Then I realized once everyone arrived that my table was only set for six....problem when you have eight guests. Colin and Dave had to sit in some not so comfortable seats we had to add to the table at the last minute. Colin you will see in the picture above is sporting a nice lawn chair, and Dave had to straddle our piano bench. Sorry guys, but thanks for being troopers and taking one for the team.

It was a great night, and an early night. This group of friends also values the ability to go to bed around oh....at least 9:00. That is what you call friendship....Enjoy the pix and Nate and Stef know we missed you guys!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sorry Kristin....

I didn't realize how neglected my poor blog has been. My mom borrowed her laptop back and our PC isn't working quite right, so blame it on Trish :) Just kidding. We have had a pretty busy weekend. I went to the movies on Friday night to see Twilight, pretty good flick but definately like the book better. Saturday I rested most of the day because we had an awesome opportunity to share our story at church this weekend. Colin and I created a poster that told a brief snippit of our story. Here is what they said.....

Battled infertility for three years....
God blessed us, expecting May 2009.

It was an incredible weekend. I loved spending time with people from Southland's community and hearing other's stories of hope. God is so good! We are off to Lifegroup tonight, so I am going to take me a little nap.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pumpkin Chip Bread

(Colin and Sampson sacked out in the chair on Monday night)

(Lauren and Jack....so cute)

(Charlie Bug, he came over and told me he was so sad about Taylor, but she was in Heaven and he really liked Sampson)

(Colin keeping his eye on Anna)

Well, those are the cute pix of our Life group I promised. We had a great time Sunday night eating Brooklyn Pizza and catching up.

Yesterday, I went to Meijer to pick up some must needs for the house (toilet paper, paper towels, and all my fixins for pumpkin bread). The walk around the store about killed me, I came home and took a nap. Maybe I am getting too used to doing nothing, that I won't be able to function through a full day without laying my head on the pillow. Colin and I had a nice night in and enjoyed some soft taco's from Taco Bell and Chuck on TV. I caught Colin and Sampson snoozin on the couch.....cute picture.

Today, mom and I have been baking pumpkin muffins and loaves. I have a plan to take some to school tomorrow for all the ladies I work with, and another loaf to Dr. Butler, Jennafer, and Joan next Tuesday. I am going to have to make another batch soon, I have so many people I want to share with! Tonight, our friends Joy and Trent are coming over with dinner and to watch the UK game. We are hoping to stay up until 11 and see the CATS pull off a win!!!!