Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4, 5, no let's do 6

This past weekend we took an adventure to St. Louis, Missouri to visit my Uncle Rick, Aunt Clare and cousins Stephen and Flo. Stephen's birthday is coming up so we are gathered together for some amazing food and wine to celebrate his 29 years of life.  He and Flo are also coming up on their 1 year wedding anniversary....although she has been apart of our family for 10+ years....she's the best.  What you need to know about Flo is she is also a petite, beautiful, genuine work-out BEAST!  I had text her earlier this month and mentioned I would be running a HALF in October and wondered if she was up for a brisk run when I was in town.  She was all about supportive....and really ran at my pace.  What was funny is, we woke up, drank coffee, ate a banana and then decided to go ahead and up our mileage from 4-5....seriously, what is one more mile?  We took off towards Forrest Park and ran through the trails there.  It was packed...bikers, runners, walkers, and I was really jealous of the people laying on their picnic blankets drinking their skinny vanilla lattes.  We decided to run to 2.5 and then turn around and head back to the house.  This was a great plant, until we got lost....oops.  WE ended up run/walkking SIX miles.....6, six, SiX, S6X.....did I mention six?  It was grueling, but I did it!!!! It felt good to get back to the house and say..."yeah, we got lost and ran/walked 6, you know, no big deal." 

The boys took off soon after our return (and constant chatting about 6 miles), and hit the golf course for a quick 9 while Flo and I decided to take Camden to the City Museum.....AMAZING! (Check it out if you are ever in St. Louis.

The large white tube you are looking at is a slide on the roof of the museum, and yes, Camden went down that.... 
 Another shot of the slide that Camden went down!!!
 All of us on the Ferris Wheel (I swore I would never ride one again....well, when you have a 3 year old, you put your game face on)
 Flo took Camden on the stepping stones.

We also climbed 10 flights of stairs (after I ran 6 miles, did I mention that) and went down the 10 story slide. Camden didn't enjoy that one as much as he did the white tube one above.  So thankful for such a cool cousin who took him around and climbed through all the fun tunnels with my boy. I held purses and water....too sore to climb anything because I ran....oh you know.

Later that night Stephen and his buddy Max grilled us an incredible feast! We enjoyed some wine and cheese then all sorts of cuts of yummy beef and good.

 Camden got a new cool truck on his adventure to St Louis...spoiled rotten.

I just loved this picture of Camden and Grandaddy.
 Camden is an amazing travel buddy. He watched the Lorax not less then 6 times, and finally fell asleep for the first time (in the car) when we got to New Circle Road....returning home from our awesome weekend.  That is our little guy all tuckered out....maybe he ran 6 miles :)

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