Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Latest

I am happy to report that I did make it through my first week of training for a mini-marathon.  We ran a total of 6 miles last week and I did MUCH MUCH better when I ran with my buddies. Running is a total mind game and when I am by myself, my mind makes me think that I CAN'T do it...jerk! 

So far this week I have run and done two days of cross training.  The cross training had been so much fun. I have been doing a class called Surge at the chiropractor and it is a set of 7 exercises you do for 15 straight minutes 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off at 80%.  It is intense, but I love how quick it is and the quality of a  workout it is in such a short time.  If you want to join me it is Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:15 for $5! 

Tomorrow I run 2 and then Sunday back up to 3.  I get a little nervous when I look ahead at my training schedule knowing that school is about to start and the amount of milage I am going to have to run.  When school starts I am usually a walking zombie for about a month.  I have to get used to the structure, early mornings, and 10 two year olds needing me.  I love my job, but I also love to rest more then I love to run.  I am going to have to choose to RUN! (this is where I need my buddies). 

I have also noticed that I am way more hungry now. It is harder to maintain my 1200 calories because of my excercise.  I did allow myself 1400 calories on my running days, I eat a protein bar and drink a gatorade type drink.  It just crave sugar....all I want is SUGAR. Like cookie dough...which I just ate and now my stomach is in pain.  It was not worth it! 

I will let you know how the run goes tomorrow.  Keep praying for me! THanks .

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