Sunday, August 5, 2012

It is OFFICIAL....

We have received TWO checks and so now my hubs is officially on his way to paying for his trip to Indonesia, and I MUST thankful for the support of my friends and family and know that you are much appreciated as I train and Colin prepares to go on this trip.  I wanted to introduce you to two people who have been blessed by these mission trips to Indonesia....

(these stories are from Craig Avery, the leader of the trip)
Linda-she already had a small sewing business but she had to send many items she created to others to finish such as creating button holes. With her loan, she bought equipment which allows her to do this, which saves time and money. She is a Muslim woman but her heart is being softened. She told someone last week, "I know you are praying for me because my business is going so well".

Jumri-He had a small restaurant business operating under a make-shift tent. He could seat about 12 people total. Jumri used the loan to get a better location and build a more permanent structure to keep his patron's dry. Since acquiring the loan, things have taken-off for his business. He is even getting ready to start a second restaurant location.

This is a long-term process. One of the folks with Food for the Hungry told us, it was 14 years once someone first invested time with him before he became a Believer. We (Southland) are in this for the long-haul, praying we making permanent life-change in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. 
Pray for Colin and his team to reach people like Jumri and Linda.  Pray that they feel loved and valued.  This is such an incredible opportunity to go and LOVE people....I am so proud of my hubs.

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